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Exercises for Bigger Arms: Davey Wavey and Phil Fusco.

A few weeks ago, I interviewed male model Phil Fusco about his workout routine. Today, I’m excited to share a video that we made together while visiting New York City. In it, Phil and I share some of our favorite arm exercises.

And trust me, it was almost more hotness than I was able to handle. I think I’m still sweating. Take a look!

How to Get Bigger Arms.

Are bigger arms one of your fitness goals?

When most people aim to increase the size of their arms, they often focus on the bicep. And while the bicep muscle is important, it’s not the biggest muscle in the arm.

If you really want to develop bigger, fuller arms, then watch this video from the Davey Wavey Fitness YouTube channel.

Crazy New Ab Exercise: Double Plate Press!

Truth be told, the double plate press isn’t just an ab workout. It works your chest, forearms, biceps and shoulders – but I feel most of the burn in my abs.

I freaking love it!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Locate two identical weight plates. Start small – with 5 lb weight plates. You really don’t need a lot of weight to feel this.
  2. Press the two weights together, holding them close to your chest. The smooth side should be facing outward. This is the starting position.
  3. Extend the plates straight out in front of you, so that your arms are parallel to the floor. You’ll really need to squeeze the plates together to prevent them from slipping! This is the most challenge piece of the exercise.
  4. Pause, and then return to the starting position.
  5. If you can do more than 8 or 10 repetitions, you’ll need heavier weights. Repeat for 1 – 4 sets, depending on your goals and available time.

It’s new, it’s different and it’s a lot of fun.

Give it a try, and let me know what you think. And, if you’re up for it – browse some of my additional ab tips and exercises.


6 Exercises: Show Your Arms Some Love!

Arms. They are good for so many wonderful things. Like hugging your boyfriend – or even better, yourself. We use our arms when we reach for things – like the stars or our dreams. And we use them for practical purposes, like swinging them when we walk and carrying things around.

As it turns out, our arms are very important! And so, today, I invite you to strengthen your arms and express your appreciation for all that they do by trying some of these exercises.

They all involve free weights – barbells or dumbbells. So, unless you have weights at home, you’ll probably need to hit the gym to take ’em for a spin.

Bicep barbell curl

Barbell curls (My absolute favorite for biceps):

  1. Select a barbell and load it with the appropriate amount of weight.
  2. Stand tall and grasp the barbell with an underhand grip. The barbell should be resting at about hip-level.
  3. Slowly curl the barbell upward by contracting your biceps.
  4. Pause.
  5. Slowly lower the barbell back down to the starting position.
  6. Repeat.

Dumbell curls

Dumbbell curls (Another great bicep exercise):

  1. Stand in an upright position with your knees slightly bent.
  2. Grasp the dumbbells with an underhand grip, palms facing up. Fully extend your arms, keeping them tight against your sides.
  3. Lift the weights slowly until your hands reach your shoulders. Your arms should be the only muscles working during the exercise. At the top of the motion, contract your bicep muscles.
  4. Lower the dumbbells back to your starting position, arms extended and elbows loose. Repeat the exercise

21s (These are great for definition):

  1. Stand in an upright position with your knees slightly bent.
  2. Grasp the dumbbells with an underhand grip, palms facing up. Fully extend your arms, keeping them tight against your sides.
  3. Lift the weights slowly until your forearms are parallel to the floor—about half of dumbbell curl. Pause. Return to the starting position.
  4. Repeat 7 times.
  5. Then, start with your forearms parallel to the floor. Curl all the way until your hands reach your shoulders. Pause. Lower the dumbbells until your forearms are parallel to the ground.
  6. Repeat 7 times.
  7. Then, perform 7 complete dumbbell curls—starting at your sides and curling all the way to your shoulders.
  8. Repeat 7 times.
  9. Once you have done 21 curls in total (7+7+7), you’ve completed a set of 21s.

Hammer curls (if you get bored with regular curls):

  1. Stand so that your feet are shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly. Keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed.
  2. Grasp the dumbbells with an underhand grip. Let your arms hang down by your side with your elbows loose, not locked. For hammer curls, turn your palms inward so they face each other.
  3. Lift the dumbbells, slowing until the weights reach your shoulders and keeping your wrists locked in position. Your arms and elbows must stay tight against your sides throughout the exercise.
  4. Lower the dumbbells slowly and fully extend your arms back to the starting position. Maintain a straight back
  5. Repeat.

Barbell triceps extension

Barbell triceps extension (triceps exercise):

  1. Pick up the barbell and lay down comfortably on a bench. Keep your upper and lower legs at a 90-degree angle to each other. Alternatively, you can sit (as pictured).
  2. Point your elbows up, holding the barbell behind you. Your upper and lower arms should line up with one another for proper form.
  3. Lift the barbell slowly, fully extending your arms overhead and keeping your elbows as stationary as possible. The barbell should be help up straight over your eyes.
  4. Lower the barbell slowly to your starting position to complete the barbell triceps extension.
  5. Repeat.

Reverse barbell curls

Reverse barbell curls (love for your forearms):

  1. Place your hands approximately shoulder-width apart on the bar and lift the barbell with an overhand grip. Grip firmly, with your thumbs over the bar.
  2. Stand straight and relax your shoulders. Keep your arms alongside your body, and maintain your elbow and upper arm position.
  3. Curl the barbell up towards your chest in a steady, controlled motion. Make sure your elbows and upper arms don’t move from their original position. Focus on keeping your wrists steady.
  4. Pause, then lower the barbell slowly to its starting position to complete one rep.
  5. Repeat.

Any other favorites? Holler at us in the comments below.

The Most Effective Bicep Exercise You Can Do!

Dear Davey,

I don’t have a lot of time to workout – but I do want bigger arms and biceps. What’s the most effective exercise I can do?


Congratulations on prioritizing exercise despite your busy schedule. Truth be told, none of us have time not to work out.

Having said that, building bigger arms need not take tons of time. In fact, biceps are one of the fastest muscles to grow; you should notice results fast.

If you only have time for one bicep exercise, I’d recommend doing a barbell curl. It’s generally considered the most effective bicep exercise you can do. Here’s how you do it:

    The most effective barbell exerciseyou can do - the Barbell Curl.

  1. Load a barbell with the appropriate amount of weight. You should target 6 – 8 repetitions of the exercise for maximum growth. If you can do 4 curls, it is too heavy. If you can do 12, it’s too light.
  2. Stand tall with an engaged core.
  3. Grab the barbell with both hands in an underhand grip (fingers toward you).
  4. Slowly contract your biceps to lift the barbell up to just under your chin.
  5. Pause.
  6. Slowly lower the barbell all the way back to your thighs.
  7. Repeat for 6 – 8 repetitions

Ensure that you are not swinging your body (i.e., cheating) to help lift the barbell when it gets heavier.

When I do sets of barbell curls, I go for 4. But if you’re strapped for time, cut it down to 2. Most of the results are gained by the first set. There is a law of diminishing returns on each additional set – and the gains on the 3rd and 4th set are relatively small.

For additional reading, check out these 7 tips for bigger biceps.

Wave Goodbye to Wobbly Underarms: Triceps Exercises.

And this is what we call... a tricep muscle.

When you wave goodbye, do your underarms wave back? Though more common in older adults, wobbly underarms do not discriminate. And sadly, they often cause people to avoid sleeveless shirts, tank tops and the like because of the embarrassment.

Flabby underarms are often caused by muscle loss, weight gain, genetics and natural aging. While we can’t do much about the last two, there exercises that you can do on the muscle side of equation to tighten things up. And it all has to do with your triceps.

Your triceps muscle is at the back of the upper arm (see picture at right). Its purpose is to raise and lower the forearm. The triceps has three points of attachment to bone at its origin, and often makes a horseshoe shape when flexed.

Try the following routine at home or at the gym to strengthen those often ignored triceps muscles, and reduce underarm wobbliness:

3 sets of 15 triceps chair dips

  1. Stand backwards in front of a chair.
  2. Squat down and grasp each side of the chair’s seat with your hands.
  3. Walk your legs out a few feet.
  4. Keeping your elbows back, bend your arms to lower your body.
  5. Once you can’t go any lower, hold and pause for five seconds.
  6. Straighten your arms to lift your body and to return to the starting position.
  7. Repeat for 3 sets of 15.

If this isn’t much of a challenge, and you are at the gym, you can try this in between two benches. Rest your feet on one bench and use the other bench in place of the chair. Place a weight plate (45lbs) on your lap.

3 sets of 6 – 12 overhead triceps extensions

  1. If you’re at home, find a symmetrical, heavy object – like a cooper cooking pan. If you’re at the gym, grab a weight plate (I use a 45lb one).
  2. Stand tall with good posture and an engaged core.
  3. Grasp the object or weight plate with two hands and hold up toward the ceiling, fully extended directly over your head.
  4. Bending at the the elbows, lower the object backward behind your head until it touches your upper back or your forearms become parallel to the floor.
  5. Hold here, then extend back up.
  6. Repeat for 3 sets of 6 – 12.

This is the proper starting position for a close grip push-up.

3 sets of 10 close grip push-ups

  1. Start on your hands and knees on the floor.
  2. Assume the “plank” position, just as you would to start a normal push-up.
  3. Bring your hands in closer, so that the palms of your hands are only about 6 – 8 inches apart. Your thumbs should just about be able to touch. (See picture.)
  4. Slowly lower your body so that you almost touch the floor. Push back up to the starting position.
  5. Repeat for 3 sets of 10 push-ups.

If the close grip push-up is too easy, then wear a backpack with a few books in it. The extra weight will help take this exercise to the next level.

Try these exercises and wave goodbye to wobbly underarms – and say hello to to tight and toned triceps.