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Davey Wavey’s Before and After.

On more than one occasion, I’ve mentioned that I grew up overweight. Many of you have asked to see a picture – and so, the accompanying photographs illustrate my transformation.

But don’t be fooled: It wasn’t easy.

For many years during my childhood, I struggled with weight problems and an inactive lifestyle. Hell bent on looking like the Abercrombie & Fitch models at the mall, I tried to control my weight through anorexia. Like so many of you, my journey to a healthier lifestyle wasn’t without its challenges.

Built into difficult situations are important lessons – and I learned a lot through my transformation. Over the years, my relationship with my body, food and exercise has evolved. In fact, it continues to evolve.

But this is how I’ve come to understand it.

If you’re passionate about cars, you’d keep your car in good working condition. You’d change the oil, bring it in for inspections and treat it with love and care.

Our bodies are the vehicles through which we experience life. And if you’re passionate about life, you want to keep that vehicle – your body – in optimal condition. A healthy body helps extend longevity, increases your energy and helps guard against debilitating diseases that can hold you back. It makes sense to treat it with love and care.

In other words, a healthy body helps you maximize your life and realize your full potential.

My before and after pictures show the change but not the process; it wasn’t easy. There were challenges, roadblocks and setbacks. There’s no magic solution. But, if you aspire to be the best version of yourself, no endeavor is more deserving of your time, energy and effort.