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The Most Effective Bicep Exercise You Can Do!

Dear Davey,

I don’t have a lot of time to workout – but I do want bigger arms and biceps. What’s the most effective exercise I can do?


Congratulations on prioritizing exercise despite your busy schedule. Truth be told, none of us have time not to work out.

Having said that, building bigger arms need not take tons of time. In fact, biceps are one of the fastest muscles to grow; you should notice results fast.

If you only have time for one bicep exercise, I’d recommend doing a barbell curl. It’s generally considered the most effective bicep exercise you can do. Here’s how you do it:

    The most effective barbell exerciseyou can do - the Barbell Curl.

  1. Load a barbell with the appropriate amount of weight. You should target 6 – 8 repetitions of the exercise for maximum growth. If you can do 4 curls, it is too heavy. If you can do 12, it’s too light.
  2. Stand tall with an engaged core.
  3. Grab the barbell with both hands in an underhand grip (fingers toward you).
  4. Slowly contract your biceps to lift the barbell up to just under your chin.
  5. Pause.
  6. Slowly lower the barbell all the way back to your thighs.
  7. Repeat for 6 – 8 repetitions

Ensure that you are not swinging your body (i.e., cheating) to help lift the barbell when it gets heavier.

When I do sets of barbell curls, I go for 4. But if you’re strapped for time, cut it down to 2. Most of the results are gained by the first set. There is a law of diminishing returns on each additional set – and the gains on the 3rd and 4th set are relatively small.

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