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Men in Tights: Compression Pants Review.


6AM compression pant selfie

I admit that I have a new obsession: Compression pants.

I first noticed them after moving to West Hollywood. The truth is, compression pants are really, really eye-catching – and they don’t leave a whole lot to the imagination. As the name implies, this type of clothing provides varying degrees of compression through a snug and body-contouring fit.

What’s the benefit of compression pants or compression shorts? For athletes, they can prevent chafing and rashes. They can also allegedly ease muscle stiffness and help quicken recovery. They also hold your genitals in place and make your ass look great.

For my review, I opted for a pair of Nike compression pants.

Though it’s hardly a scientifically quantifiable benefit, I couldn’t help but feel a little badass in my compression pants. They’re like superhero tights; I felt like Superman.

Since psychology and how you feel can make a big difference in how you perform, I think there’s probably something to be said for the badass effect.

As someone who often performs high intensity interval training and sprints, the non-chaffing aspect of compression pants is huge. My thighs often become agitated and red from the constant friction in my workout. With compression pants, my workout was wonderfully chafe-free.

I also enjoyed not having my genitals bounce around while racing on the treadmill. The hatches were definitely battened down – and it made for a more enjoyable experience.

Did the pants make a measurable difference in my workout? I’m not sure. But I do know that, at the very least, I felt and looked great. And that counts for something.