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Last Chance to Save on Davey Wavey’s Get Ripped Workout.

Only a few hours remain until the special discount expires on my brand-new program: Davey Wavey’s Get Ripped Workout. Use discount code “blog” to save 25% before midnight on Thursday, June 7.

Here’s some of the great feedback that I’m already getting:

I purchased your ‘Get Ripped Workout’ series today and just had my first workout. It was awesome! This workout routine is the first that I can really see myself doing consistently every week. Although it looks simple, it really starts to burn by the end.

I took a photo of myself today to compare to 30 days from now. Can’t wait to see the difference!

And on Twitter:

Through the included 15-minute workout videos, e-book and bonuses, this program is already transforming people’s bodies – and I know it can transform yours, too. It’s time to say hello to a leaner, stronger you.

And if you purchase the program now, you’ll also receive The Davey Wavey Weight Loss Program (a $59 value) as a free gift! Even if losing weight isn’t your primary goal, the program contains great nutrition information and advice that everyone needs to know.

(If you already have The Davey Wavey Weight Loss Program and don’t need another copy, send me an email for a special 50% off discount.)

If you’re tired of long workouts that don’t yield results, give me your body for just 15 minutes – and I guarantee you’ll be glad you did. Get started today right now, or watch a free preview.

Davey Wavey

P.S. Hurry: The discount ends in just a few hours. Be sure to enter discount code “blog” during checkout to save 25%!

Big News: Davey Wavey’s Get Ripped Workout is Here!

Today, I’m super excited to launch my brand-new fitness program: Davey Wavey’s Get Ripped Workout!

It includes 3 professionally filmed workout videos, an e-book and a whole slew of great bonuses. Best of all, I have a special discount for you.

If there’s one common theme I hear from clients or that I read in comments and emails, it’s people claiming that they don’t have enough time to workout. We’re all super busy.

But getting into amazing shape doesn’t need to mean spending countless hours at the gym. I’m tired of seeing people waste time with workouts that don’t produce results – and that’s why I created Davey Wavey’s Get Ripped Workout. Using a cutting-edge technique called high intensity interval training, I’ll get you into shape quickly and efficiently. It produces a ripped body without sacrificing hard-earned muscle.

Give me just 15 minutes and I’ll give you a leaner, stronger you.

Davey Wavey’s Get Ripped Workout:

  • Includes 3 professionally-filmed workout videos starring Davey Wavey and personal trainer Chris Nogiec!
  • Is great for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness expert, you’ll get great results from this program.
  • Works with even the busiest schedules. Performed a few times per week, these workouts are fast – but also incredibly effective!
  • Doesn’t require any equipment or a gym membership. You can do these workouts at home!

Since I know you’ll love Davey Wavey’s Get Ripped Workout, and because you’re such a loyal blog buddy, I have a special discount for you:

  1. Get 25% off Davey Wavey’s Get Ripped Workout. Use discount code “blog” during checkout. This discount expires June 7 at midnight, so be sure to get your copy before then. AND if your order before June 7 at midnight, you’ll also receive The Davey Wavey Weight Loss Program (a $59 value) for free! Even if weight loss isn’t your primary goal, this free gift includes powerful nutrition advice and tips that everyone can use.

(Already have The Davey Wavey Weight Loss Program and don’t need another copy? Send me an email and I’ll give you a code for a 50% discount on Davey Wavey’s Get Ripped Workout.)

Check out this free preview of the program:

Are you sick and tired of long workouts or a lack of progress? Are you ready to try something that actually fits into your schedule – and that gives you the results you’ve always wanted? Are you ready to lean down, build muscle and get ripped?

Then let’s get started right now!

Davey Wavey