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17 Push-up Variations. [Video]

For the next three weeks, I’m taking a break from civilized life by living in the wilds of New Hampshire. And though I’ve been here less than 24-hours, I’ve already secured a vacation gym. Obsessions! Priorities!

Despite being in the middle of nowhere, I was able to find a small gym only 10 minutes from my treehouse (yes, I’m living in a treehouse). I had my first workout this morning, and I was surprised to discover that my new gym lacks a bench press. In fact, the gym has no equipment with barbells – and only a small selection of dumbbells.

What’s a fitness enthusiast to do? Fear not.

I’m accustomed to limited gym equipment. In fact, my university gym only had a handful of machines and treadmills – there was not a dumbbell, free weight or barbell to be found. And I survived thrived for 4 wonderful years.

As it turns out, unless you want to look like Arnold, you really don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment to stay healthy and fit. You may need a little innovation and creativity – but don’t let a lack of equipment hold you back. For the majority of Americans that don’t have a gym membership, this news is good news. But the “no gym? no problem!” reality also eliminates a series of powerful excuses:

  • I’m not going to workout because I don’t belong to a gym.
  • I’m not going to get in shape because there are no gyms nearby.
  • I’m not going to exercise because I can’t afford a gym.

As Wayne Dyer likes to say, “Excuses begone!” But I digress.

At any rate, here are 17 push-up variations for a crazy chest workout that requires no equipment or supplies:

Give these 17 variations a try and let me know what you think in the comments below!