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The Chin-ups Vs. Pull-ups Showdown!

Chin-ups and pull-ups are great arm exercises – but do you know the difference?

Chin-ups are performed with your palms facing toward you; the grip is reversed for pull-ups. Chin-ups, which primarily work the bicep, are much easier to perform. Pull-ups are a great forearm exercise, and are generally more difficult. Both exercises build muscles aggressively and aid in grip strength – which is advantageous in any sport that involves grappling and pulling (think rock climbing.)

With either exercise, you’ll need to first grip the bar while hanging. Then, pull your chin up above the bar, hold, and then release back to the starting position. Sound easy? It’s not! If you’re just starting out – you may only be able to perform one or two. If chin-ups or pull-ups are too challenging, try using an assisted pull-up machine which can be found in most commercial gyms.

Here are my best tips for effective chin-ups and pull-ups:

  1. Extend fully. When performing either chin-ups or pull-ups, it’s important that you fully extend your arms in between reps. Otherwise, you’re cutting yourself short.
  2. Ensure that your chin is above the bar. Most people have a tendency to release the movement before the chin is lifted fully above the bar. Complete the movement in its entirety to get the best benefit!
  3. Lead with your chest. Keep your shoulders back to avoid injury.
  4. Bend your legs. In order to extend fully, you’ll probably need to bend your legs – otherwise, you’ll likely touch the ground in between sets.

Do you incorporate chin-ups and pull-ups into your workout? If so – let me know in the comments!