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Replace Coffee with Apples – The Overlooked Superfruit.

It’s 3PM. You have three hours until the end of the workday and you’re feeling low on energy, motivation and enthusiasm. You’re tempted to pour yourself yet another cup of coffee – hoping that the caffeine can help pull you through. But you think to yourself, “Isn’t there a better option?”

Yes. A simple apple.

Do apples have caffeine? No. But for centuries, people have been touting the wonderful benefits of this often overlooked superfruit.

Apples, depending on their size, have about 20 grams of natural sugar. While this sugar helps awaken the body, it’s very different from eating a spoonful of table sugar or a handful of candies:

By eating table sugar our bodies go out of sync with our sugar levels – as the sugar is processed in the body extremely fast – and in doing this the body informs the pancreas to pump out insulin. Fruit sugar is broken down more slowly which allows the body more time to react to the sweetener that has been consumed. This puts less stress on the body without the worry of a sudden sugar spike.

Moreover, apples are also rich in fiber; each apple contains 4 grams. For most healthy adults, the USDA recommends 14 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories consumed. And since most of us don’t get enough fiber, adding in an apple will certainly help. Fiber has a lot of great benefits – including that it will help you feel fuller and more satisfied longer.

Various studies have also linked apple consumption to diabetes management, colon cancer prevention, bone protection, breast cancer prevention, lower cholesterol, asthma help and more.

So instead of pouring yourself that extra cup of joe, keep a basket of fresh and crispy apples nearby. And if you’re feeling extra fancy, spread a few tablespoons of real peanut butter on your apple slices. Delicious!