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4 Worst Holiday Foods EVER! [Video]

While it’s no secret that many holiday foods deserve to be on the “naughty” list, these four deserve special recognition for their belly-bursting calorie and fat content.

Spoiler alert: If you like eggnog, you may not want to watch this video!

Check out the video via my Davey Wavey Fitness YouTube channel. And, if you’re not already subscribed to my fitness channel, click here to make it happen!

How to Eat Healthy at Thanksgiving: 11 Tips!

Dear Davey,

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I could really use some help to eat healthier. Too many temptations like stuffing, buttery mashed potatoes and pie! Any words of wisdom?


Hey Colin,

Thanks for the email; it’s certainly timely given that we’re entering the holiday season full of hustle, bustle and unhealthy food choices.

First things first, remember that Thanksgiving only comes once a year. While eating healthy is important, one meal isn’t going to make or break your diet. A nutritious diet is really about the bigger picture and the patterns or trends in your life. The bowl of ice cream you eat before bed each night, for example, will have a much larger impact. In other words, don’t sweat one meal too much – and keep things in perspective.

Having said that, here are a few tips that you can use at Thanksgiving – or any other holiday meal – to make smarter, wiser choices:

  1. Just take a small scoop of cranberry sauce. It’s loaded with sugar and can have 300 calories per half cup.
  2. Remove the skin. While the skin adds great flavor and is a nice treat for special occasions, it does contain extra calories and fat – and is usually coated in butter.
  3. Go light on the gravy. Gravy, depending on how it is prepared, can be loaded in fat, calories and tons of sodium. Just use a touch of it.
  4. Eat before dinner. Have a healthy lunch before going to Thanksgiving dinner so that you’re not hungry. This will help prevent overeating.
  5. Opt for healthy sides. Instead of going for buttery, cheesy or creamy sides, go for steamed vegetables and smarter choices.
  6. Save your calories for the dinner. Appetizers, munchies and finger foods are notoriously high in calories and unhealthy fat. Moreover, they’re not filling. Save your calories for the main course.
  7. Drink lots of water. Water boosts your metabolism and helps you feel full. And it’s definitely a much wiser choice than eggnog.
  8. Use a small plate. Studies show that if we use a small plate, we eat less. Moreover, wait 15 minutes before going back for seconds. It takes time to feel full.
  9. Talk! Instead of chowing down, take time to talk with your friends and family. By eating slower, you give your body time to digest and feel full – thereby lessen the likelihood of overeating.
  10. Have a few bites of dessert. If you have room, just take a few bites of the dessert options. It will satisfy your sweet tooth without overindulging. And if you’re full, take your dessert to go rather than cramming it down.
  11. Don’t feel guilty. Thanksgiving only comes once a year, and if you eat a lot – so be it. All of us occasionally indulge and it’s part of creating balance in your diet. Don’t feel guilty about it – as such guilt often manifests itself as additional overeating.

As we give thanks, remember to express gratitude to your body for all that it does. One of the best ways to express that gratitude is by making decisions that honor your body – like going to the gym or exercising. Perhaps Thanksgiving can mark a new (or renewed) commitment to your body’s health.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Davey Wavey

P.S. If you have a question to ask Davey Wavey, email me. And for additional nutrition guidance, download Davey Wavey’s Eating for Fitness program.