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Love Your Body and Lose Weight.

I’ve mentioned the importance of love when it comes to lasting fitness results. When you love yourself and your body, you’re more likely to make healthier decisions that benefit and nourish it – like following proper nutrition and honoring your body with movement. For many people, the whole concept may seem a bit too “out there” – but, thanks to a new study, you don’t have to take my word for it.

Researchers from the Technical University of Lisbon and Bangor University studied obese women over the course of a year. The women were divided into two groups. The first group was given general health and nutrition information. The second group attended weekly sessions where they discussed ways to improve body image, overcoming personal issues, emotional eating, etc.

Women in the second group reported an increase in positive feelings toward their bodies and reduced concerns about body shape and size. Moreover, women in this second group lost more than three times the amount of weight. While women in the control group lost 2% of their body weight, women in the second group were able to release 7%.

Dr. Teixeira, the study’s lead researcher, concluded as follows:

Body image problems are very common amongst overweight and obese people, often leading to comfort eating and more rigid eating patterns, and are obstacles to losing weight. Our results showed a strong correlation between improvements in body image, especially in reducing anxiety about other peoples’ opinions, and positive changes in eating behavior. From this we believe that learning to relate to your body in healthier ways is an important aspect of maintaining weight loss and should be addressed in every weight control program.

Turns out, a little love can go a long way – and true and lasting change occurs from the inside out. For further reading, check out 5 ways to honor your body.

You Can’t Buy a New Body When This One Craps Out.

When you’ve worn holes in your sneakers, you can get a new pair. When your jeans no longer fit, you can buy some new ones. If you misplace a hat, you can replace it. But when it comes to your body, things aren’t so disposable.

I honor my body outwardly through actions and exercise because I only have one body, and because it’s the vehicle through which I experience this amazing world and all of its lessons.

But equally important is honoring my body inwardly through affirming words and thoughts. After all, our words and thoughts are the foundations for our actions; we act on the beliefs we cultivate. If we affirm and uplift our bodies through thought, then perhaps we’ll be less likely to misuse or abuse it through unhealthy actions – like avoiding the gym or feeding it with foods that aren’t nourishing… like the Snickers flavored cake sitting on my counter.

So, in the comments below, I encourage you – as difficult as it might be – to write a sentence or two to honor your body. I’ll go first…