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5-Minute Hotel Room Workout.

For a lot of people, working out while traveling can be a real challenge – and it’s often an excuse to take a few days (or more!) off from exercise. While the occasional break is perfectly fine, working out while traveling is actually pretty easy. It just requires a bit of creativity.

Appropriately, I’m currently on vacation in Las Vegas. While my hotel has a decent gym, I sometimes prefer working out in my room. To that end, and while in Palm Springs a week ago, I put together a powerful 5-minute hotel room workout. You can follow along or just use some of the exercises the next time you’re traveling.

If you do travel a lot – and if you’re serious about exercise – then I’d recommend investing in some resistance bands or even The Human Trainer system. They’re lightweight, easy to pack and totally portable. And you can use them to take your hotel room workout to the next level.

Check out my 5-minute hotel room workout on the Davey Wavey Fitness YouTube channel.