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Is Your iPhone Making You Fat?

iphone5Is your iPhone making you fat?

The answer is maybe – at least, according to a new study by researchers from the College of Education, Health and Human Services at Kent State University.

For the study, 300 college students were surveyed on cell phone usage and then assessed for fitness levels and body composition. Researchers found that participants who spent a large amount of time on their cell phones (as much as 14 hours per day!) were less fit than participants who averaged 90 minutes or less on their phones.

According to one participant:

Now that I have switched to the iPhone I would say it definitely decreases my physical activity because before I just had a Blackberry, so I didn’t have much stuff on it. But now, if I’m bored, I can just download whatever I want.

Of course, cell phones are more than phones; they’re used for gaming, messages, videos, music, emails, photography… and the list goes on. But unlike a television, cell phones are mobile – which means you can use your phone while engaged in other active activities. For example, listening to music while on a hike.

Even so, it appears that cell phone use may be a contributing factor to sedentary lifestyles. Or else, people with already sedentary lifestyles spend a lot of time with their cell phones. It’s a bit like asking which came first: The chicken or the egg?

Regardless, all of us could spend a little less time on our phones and a lot more time being healthy and active. But first, download the Davey Wavey Fitness iPhone app for guilt-free cell phone usage. 🙂

My Search for the Ultimate Gym Headphones. [Product Reviews]

Apple's iPod/iPhone earbuds.

When I think of my experience with headphones, three possibilities emerge: Either I have terrible luck, the existing products suck, or the elusive ultimate gym headphone exists – but I just haven’t found it yet.

When exercising, I tend to switch between listening to my iPod (mostly for audiobooks or podcasts), and listening to the gym’s televisions through the headphone jack on each cardio machine. I run fast and tend to sweat a lot, so I need a pair of headphones that stay in my ear and that are water-resistant. I feel like my needs are pretty basic.

I started with the traditional Apple earbuds that come with any iPod or iPhone. Strangely, when plugged into the treadmill’s headphone jack, I get electrocuted in my ears. No joke! I’ve been told that it’s impossible to get electrocuted through headphones, but I know what I felt. In addition, the earbuds wouldn’t stay in for more than a minute or two. They’d pop right out. For high intensity exercisers, Apple’s earbuds are shit.

Bluetooth Plantronics headphones

With a desire to go wireless, I opted for the Bluetooth Plantronics headphones. I loved not having to contend with a cord, and they stayed in – even at high speeds. Unfortunately, my pair malfunctioned and the battery wouldn’t charge. I brought it back, and got a second pair. The second pair also malfunctioned. I love the idea of Bluetooth headphones, but perhaps they’re just ahead of their time. And at $99, they weren’t cheap (though the price has since come down).

Disillusioned, I picked up a cheap pair of no-name earbuds at a local warehouse store. They were three bucks and lasted me several months, until my boyfriend stepped on them. Since then, I’ve purchased two more pairs of the no-name earbuds, and both pairs have fallen apart within a week or two.

Sennheiser OMX 680 Adidas earphones

Last week, I decided to splurge for a set of Sennheiser OMX 680 Sports earphones by Adidas. They were on sale for $59 (from $79), and are specifically manufactured for use during athletic training. The earphone wraps around the back of the ear to ensure a good fit, and the product is sweat-resistant. Unfortunately, it’s not a match made in heaven. The earphones come with a small volume control attached to the cord. This volume control must be clipped to your clothes – but I’m not really sure to what. The clip is awkwardly placed – it’s too high to be clipped to your shorts and too low to be clipped on to your collar. I clip it to the arm opening in my tank top, but it’s a strange fit. Moreoever, the whole product feels very plastic and very cheap (which would be fine if it were half the price). On the plus side, the sound quality is good – and so far I haven’t been electrocuted.

So – the search continues for the ultimate gym headphones. Do you have any suggestions for a better pair of headphones, earphones or earbuds that work great at the gym? Please let me know in the comments below!