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Lose Weight With A Success Journal!

Product photographyToday’s guest post is by Davey Wavey’s good friend and spiritual weight release coach, Diane Petrella. Diane is also one of the contributors to The Davey Wavey Weight Loss Program.

Do you ever get discouraged about your weight loss progress? Do you worry your efforts aren’t good enough? If you lose sight of the steps you’re actually taking, this simple and powerful tool can help bolster your confidence. Keep track of your progress with a success journal so you remain committed and positive when self-doubt gets in the way.

What is a Success Journal?

A success journal is a daily recording of all the steps you’ve taken to treat yourself with love and respect. Permanent weight loss isn’t just about the food you eat. It’s about how you treat yourself on all levels. Recording these positive steps helps you stay connected with your overall progress. You simply take a moment to reflect as you answer this question:

“What did I do today to take good care of my mind, body and spirit?

For example:

“I took the stairs instead of the elevator at work. I’m happy I did that.”
“I ate way too many cookies after lunch but I didn’t beat myself up. I let it go.”
“I took “me” time and read passages from an inspirational book. It relaxed me.”

Every positive step you take brings you closer to reaching your goal weight. Recording even seemingly small steps, like parking away from the store entrance so you walk farther, helps you appreciate all your efforts and validates your progress. Ultimately, those small steps become new habits and create permanent lifestyle change.

A Success Journal Improves your Mindset

Positive psychology research emphasizes the value of acknowledging steps you take toward reaching a goal. When you routinely make a point of noticing, and appreciating, the positive changes you’re making, you begin to re-program your mind. Your attention shifts away from looking only at what’s “not working” to more easily notice what’s going well.

You see what you look for. If you doubt you’ll reach your weight loss goal, you’ll find evidence that you’re not making progress. You may undervalue the positive steps you’re actually making. Recording daily successes helps you notice those steps.

Keeping a success journal isn’t just a “feel good” exercise, although it will help you feel good. It works because you train your mind and brain to scan your experiences and find the healthy choices you’re making. Your memory becomes imprinted with images of taking good care of yourself. This gives you strength.

Here are three ways using a success journal can support your weight loss journey:

1. Build Confidence

When you record your successes, you honor their importance and you honor you. It’s great to hear positive feedback from others, but the greatest confidence builder is being your own best cheerleader. Keeping a success journal helps you do that.

2. Feel Inspired

Recording your successes keeps you emotionally connected to them. As you write each entry in your success journal, take a moment to praise yourself. This is important because the good feelings you have about your actions inspire you to keep moving forward.

3. Stay on Track

If you feel discouraged, a success journal can lift your spirits. For instance, reading past entries reminds you of all your successes and what you’re capable of. This helps you renew your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. Or, simply writing an affirmation such as, “I am patient and gentle with myself as I release weight with confidence and love” may be all you need to soothe your spirit and get back on track after a difficult day.

Begin Today

Buy a beautiful notebook. Set aside a few moments each day to record at least three positive steps you took to nourish your mind, body and spirit. If this feels daunting, remember this includes even those small but important things you tend to overlook. Did you walk past the candy bowl at the office? Did you take a walk after work? Write it down. You can write in your success journal any time of day, but doing it right before bedtime helps you go to sleep in a positive frame of mind.

Recording your successes builds your self-worth and strengthens your determination. Your improved mindset supports you to keep moving forward as you release weight with pride and confidence.

How a Sheet of Paper Can Change Your Workout.

As a personal trainer, I know a few tricks of the trade. One of the most powerful is a sheet of paper. It can help you get better results, faster. How?

It’s not magic.

When you go to the gym, you do any number of different exercises for any number of different repetitions for any number of different sets at any number of different weights. That’s a lot of numbers; I have a hard enough time remembering my social security number. Does your mind has room for all of that information? Not to mention, as your workout progresses, those numbers change.

It’s too much for your brain. But not too much for a workout journal.

It need not be fancy. Just pick up a cheap notepad and pencil from your local CVS, Rite Aid or Shoppers. Write down each exercise for each different day (i.e., leg day, back day, etc.). And then each time you perform that given exercise, quickly jot down the necessary information.

There are even fitness journals available for your smartphone.

If you’re looking to build muscle, you know that the weight you lift needs to increase over time. Keeping a journal enables you to track it. It helps you avoid plateaus or even peddling backwards.

It’s something that I advise to all my clients, and I think it could do wonders to change your workout and results, too.