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Calculate Your Life Expectancy.

While much of the Valentine’s Day hooplah is about giving gifts to others, I have a gift suggestion for your body: Use the lifespan calculator to test your life expectancy. And then, do something about it.

Based on a number of variables, this quick test will put together an estimated expiration for your life. Using equations, data and research, the approximation is obviously just an educated guess. You could, for example, get hit by a car crossing the street later this afternoon.

The real value in the lifespan calculator is noticing how your answers change your estimated age of death. Some of the variables – like family history – are unchangeable. But many of the answers, like those related to exercise and nutrition, are within your control. To these answers, I’d encourage you to pay special attention.

For example, to talk about alcohol abuse is one thing. But to see how many years it shaves of your life can be a real wake up call. And it can be a real motivator to make the changes – or get the help – that is required.

As Valentine’s Day is about love, there’s no better way to show your body some love than by making decisions – and changes in your lifestyle – that honor it. Get started today by calculating your estimated lifespan.

P.S. In the comments below, share your estimated lifespan – and a change or two that you can make to extend it. Mine was 92.