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TONIGHT: Davey Wavey LIVE for a Fitness-Themed BlogTV Show.

Join Davey Wavey LIVE tonight on BlogTV at 9:00 PM ET!

You asked for it, and now you’ve got it!

Each and every Monday night, I do a LIVE BlogTV show at 9PM ET (NYC time zone). The topics vary from week to week, but – by popular demand – tonight’s show will be all about fitness. I’ll share some of my fitness routine, give tips and answer some of your fitness-related questions.

The show starts promptly at 9PM, but the chat room only holds 150 people. Everyone else gets placed in a waiting room queue. So, you’ll want to get to the show early if you’d like to ask questions or participate in the chat room. Blog buddies in the waiting room are still able to watch the show – they just can’t chat.

To watch tonight’s LIVE show (or to see previous recorded episodes), click on over to my Davey Wavey BlogTV channel. I hope to see you there! And bring plenty of questions!