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10 Tips to Overcome the Munchies.

Got the munchies? Distracting yourself is a great strategy to overcome cravings. And this picture is definitely a distraction...

Got the munchies? Having enough willpower to overcome your appetite for snack foods isn’t always easy.

Speaking of appetite, it’s important to differentiate true hunger from your appetite; they’re not one in the same. Hunger is your body’s need for food, while your appetite is really more about cravings. Since we’re talking about munchies, they often fall under the umbrella of appetite.

Here are a few tips to help you rein in your cravings.

  1. Keep tempting foods out of reach. Control your environment. If you do the shopping, don’t buy snack foods. If you don’t do the shopping, ensure that these foods are in cupboards and out of sight. Ask coworkers to keep candy in opaque containers. Simply seeing snack foods can fuel cravings.
  2. Identify food triggers. What causes you to snack? Is it boredom? Then do something. Is it emotional eating? Rather than just treating the symptoms, examine and treat the root cause.
  3. Drink green tea. Liquid can satisfy your oral fixation – and green tea has a zillion great benefits for your body. Since it’s hot (unlike cold tap water), you’ll have to take your time and sip it slowly. This will buy you the time to let your munchies pass.
  4. Don’t skip meals. Eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner will eliminate any actual hunger pains that your body might be feeling – and the subsequent snacking that may follow. It’s important to keep your body properly fueled with nourishing foods.
  5. Stock up on healthy snack foods. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Replace unhealthy snack foods with more nutritional options. Celery sticks and carrots can make for some satisfying snacking. Unsalted peanuts are another great choice.
  6. Don’t snack from the package. Instead of eating directly from the tap, put snack foods on dishes or in bowls. Rather than eating the entire package, you can better control your portion.
  7. Brush your teeth. Believe it or not, the minty freshness of a clean mouth can curb food cravings. Try it!
  8. Distract yourself. You may discover that your munchies will pass. Call a friend or walk the dog. Distracting yourself from the munchies is one of the best ways to overcome them.
  9. Ask your body what it really wants. Take a minute, look in the mirror and ask your body, “What do you really want right now?” It’s probably not an unhealthy snack.
  10. Read Davey Wavey Fitness. Instead of thinking about snack food, spend your time catching up to my blog. And for more support, sign up for daily text messages from Davey Wavey to help keep you on track.

What other tips or strategies do you have for overcoming the munchies? Let me know in the comments below.