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Losing Weight Without Support.


I’m an 18 year old student living at home while attending community college and I was wondering: How can I lose weight without support?

I currently weigh 250 pounds and I’ve finally decided that it’s too much! I know that I need to eat better and exercise, but my parents won’t support me. When I discuss eating healthy foods, they reply that it’s too expensive or that I should just watch what I eat. Their idea of watching what you eat is ordering less at McDonald’s.

When I told them that I’d like to get up early and walk before I start my day, they said they’d consider this to be “sneaking out.” Gyms are too expensive but I need to get my body moving.

What should I do?


Don't be surprised if the people around you subconsciously hold this perspective.

Hey Zach,

Congratulations on making the decision to take your health into your own hands – and to do something about it! That’s the first and biggest step that you’ll need to take.

Though we look to our friends and family for support, we don’t always find it when it comes to weight loss. It doesn’t take Dr. Freud to figure out the motivation behind this anomaly. If the people around you support your lifestyle changes, it becomes harder for them to deny their own diet and exercise transgressions. In a way, supporting you means acknowledging their own need for improvement. And if they can convince you not to change your ways, it becomes much easier for them to continue their state of denial.

Moreover, jealousy and sabotage can sometimes crop up. “You’ve lost enough,” can become a popular mantra for the less supportive people around you. And don’t be surprised if these individuals try to derail your diet by encouraging unhealthy food choices. Don’t let them become your enablers.

Though we expect the people who love us to support the healthy changes we make, don’t let their lack of support become an excuse for you. Life is too short to live for someone else – and you need to lose the weight for you and your health. Though the changes you make may make your loved ones more aware of the areas in which they can improve their own lives, your positive example – in the long run – is really doing them a favor. Without having to acknowledge it aloud, know that you’re helping the people you love by showing them how to live healthier, more productive and (hopefully) longer lives.

Though you may not find support at home, there are plenty of places to find it online… including right here. There are countless weight loss and fitness communities, message boards and forums that you can browse or join – and endless sources of inspiration and knowledge across the Internet. If you prefer finding support offline, connect with a walking group or workout partner in your city or town.

To help you kick things off, I’m going to e-mail you the complete series of Davey Wavey Workout Programs. Since it’s packed with muscle-building and gut-busting workout videos that you can use at home, it will be a huge help in achieving your weight loss goals. Enjoy – and I look forward to seeing your results!