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Exercises for Bigger Arms: Davey Wavey and Phil Fusco.

A few weeks ago, I interviewed male model Phil Fusco about his workout routine. Today, I’m excited to share a video that we made together while visiting New York City. In it, Phil and I share some of our favorite arm exercises.

And trust me, it was almost more hotness than I was able to handle. I think I’m still sweating. Take a look!

Phil Fusco’s Workout

For those of you who don’t know, Philip Fusco is a male model and fitness enthusiast who has been featured in several publications and countless underwear campaigns. He’s sexy, Italian and looks really good in a jock strap (not that I Googled it). What more could you want? And, he just came out with a 2013 calendar.

I sat down with Phil to ask him about his workouts, nutrition regime and personal life – and got some surprising answers.

Davey Wavey: So, first things first. I read that you’re from a proud Italian-American family, and that pasta is always available at your house. Most people balk at the idea of simple carbs and being as lean as you. What’s your secret?

Phil Fusco: My secret is that I using pasta as a fuel for my workouts, and making sure that I otherwise stay active. I also stay away from alcohol. But carbs can be good to take before the gym because they give you the energy you need to fuel your workout. Beyond pasta, I always make sure my protein intake is high – and I eat a lot of chicken and steak. I usually include plenty of starches, vegetables and complex carbs. I also take resveratrol as a supplement because it has lots of antioxidants.

DW: And clearly, looking at your calendar spreads, you are very passionate about exercise. How did you first become interested in working out?

PF: When I was 13, I was short and tiny. I was hanging out with a bunch of friends and one of them invited me to workout at the school gym. I tried it out and ended up loving it. After that, I signed up at the local gym near my house. I was addicted.

DW: So what motivates you to stay fit now?

PF: Well, modeling. And everytime I feel like I want to skip the gym and stay home, that image of being a tiny 13 year-old pops up in my mind.

DW: I know that my readers are going to be interested in what you do at the gym. What does your workout routine entail?

PF: I go 5 or 6 days a week for an hour. It’s pretty traditional. I stick to the basics like barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and body weight exercises. I’ve tried the other stuff like yoga. I did it for a day and quit.

DW: I didn’t hear you mention anything about cardio. What sort of cardio do you do to help stay so lean?

PF: I don’t even look at the treadmill. I don’t do any cardio.

DW: That’s insane. You’re one of those very lucky individuals blessed with some good genes. For folks that look at your pictures as a source of “gymspiration,” what advice would you give them – especially if they’re just starting out at the gym?

PF: Don’t worry about what people think about you at the gym. Go to the gym to lift correctly – not to show off to the people around you.

DW: Well, I have to ask about your dating life. Are you single? And what does someone need to do to catch your attention?

PF: Yes, I’m single. Too catch my attention, I’m big on personality. You must have a rocking personality. Obviously, good looks help – but mostly personality. The looks make your head turn, and that sparks the interest. And then the personality leads to something more. Looks are the ignition – and personality is the fuel and the oil and everything else that keeps the car running.

DW: Well then start your engines! Is there anything else you’d like to share?

PF: When it comes to working out, I recommend power exercises. The bench press, squats, dead lifts and bodyweight exercises – like pull-ups and push-ups – are all important.

DW: And good genes don’t hurt.

PF: And don’t forget the pasta.