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The Ultimate Plank Challenge.

This seems to be the week of challenges. Yesterday, on my personal blog, I invited readers to simplify their lives through the transformational 100 Thing Challenge. Today’s challenge is much more physical – and, dare I say, far more difficult.

The Ultimate Plank Challenge has been going around YouTube and the Internet. In it, one must assume a lowered push-up position…. and hold it… and hold it. You get the idea. The longest that I have seen is three minutes and eleven seconds. I recorded myself participating in the challenge on my Davey Wavey Fitness YouTube channel. For the record, I made it to one minute and thirty-seven seconds.

Record a video response of you participating in the challenge. And, if you beat my time, you’ll be automatically entered into a raffle for a $50 gift certificate to Lululemon. Give it a try!

Video: Plank Exercise to Strengthen Core!

Your core muscles inclue all the muscles around your pelvis and trunk (no, not that trunk). Strengthening those muscles should be a part of every fitness program, and it means doing more than the occasional sit-up or crunch.

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are 7 important reasons to exercise your core. Strengthening your core:

  1. Improves balance and stability.
  2. Doesn’t require equipment.
  3. Helps build your abs.
  4. Makes it easier to do most physical activities.
  5. Doesn’t take a lot of time.
  6. Can be done at home – or anywhere else!
  7. Helps you reach your other fitness goals.

In addition, a strong core can help prevent lower back pain and improve your posture.

Now that I’ve sold you on the importance of core-focused exercises, my absolute favorite is the plank. It’s simple but challenging – and there are a lot of variations.

To do a basic plank:

  1. Lie on your stomach.
  2. Push yourself up onto your elbows. Feet should be hip-width apart.
  3. Contract your core muscles to hold this posture for 30 seconds – or more!

I made a quick and simple video to show you some of the variations you can do with the plank:

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