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Workout Mistake that 80% of Gym-Goers Make.

80% of gym-goers are doing the same thing today that they did a year ago - and yet they wonder why they're not seeing results. It's time to step it up.

Here’s a common issue that I see with exercisers: When they first start out, they see and experience a lot of great results. But then, things start to tapper off. The extra weight ceases to come off, the muscles stop getting bigger or the stomach ceases to become more defined. Does this sound familiar? It’s a results plateau.

There’s a simple reason why this happens – and it’s easy to overcome.

If you look at 80% of the people at the gym, they’re doing the same routine with the same amount of resistance today that they did a month, six months or a year ago. And in another month, six months or a year, they’ll still be doing the exact same thing.

As I’ve said before, doing more of the same gets more of the same; we can’t do the same routine each week and expect new results. And while 80% of exercisers are doing more of the same, there’s likely a gap between where they’re currently at and where they’d like to be.

Our bodies only change when they’re forced to do so, and so if you’re experiencing a plateau in your results, it’s time to step things up. Instead of curling the same 25 pound dumbbell, for example, it might be time to reach for the 27.5 pound pair. Or maybe it’s time to trade in that same old cardio routine for some high-intensity interval training. Whatever it takes, force your body to make the changes that you seek through progressing your workout to the next level.

While the idea of progression is simple and intuitive, it’s a practice that most exercisers don’t consider. If you find your results slowing or ceasing, ask yourself what you can do to challenge your body accordingly.

How to Kick-Up Your Ab Workout.

A lot of people do “more of the same” when performing exercises – and yet are unhappy with the results. Watch this video to change the status quo:

Why Your Ab Workout Isn’t Working: 5 Fixes.

You’ve been doing crunches like it’s your job, but you’re not seeing muscle growth. You’ve been eating healthy, staying super lean and doing lots of cardio – and still, your abs don’t pop like Mario Lopez’s.

So, what are you doing wrong?

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in their ab workouts is a lack of progression. Think about the first time that you bench pressed or did a weighted squat. Over time, you increased the weight – you made it harder – and your muscles responded by developing. The same exact thing happens with your abs, but so many of us are stuck in crunch-ruts and routines that we’ve been performing for years.

If you do more of the same, you’ll get more of the same.

In order to truly build stronger and more developed abs that pop, you’ve got to increase the intensity of your ab workout over time. Here are few ways that you can add progression to your ab workout:

  1. Increase the number of reps. If you normally do 10 of a given ab exercise, bump it up to 15.
  2. Increase the angle. If you do crunches on a decline bench, make the angle of the decline sharper.
  3. Decrease resting time between sets. Normally rest for 45 seconds? Try 30.
  4. Increase the resistance. Incorporate increasingly difficult resistance bands into your exercise, or do crunches with heavier and heavier weight plates. If you use an ab machine, up the ante over time.
  5. Hold the contraction for a few seconds. When you’re fully crunched, hold it for two or three seconds – then release.

In terms of progression, your abs are no different than the rest of your muscles. You need to increase the intensity of your workout consistently and constantly over time in order the more fully develop those muscles.

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