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Size Matters: Build Muscles with Pyramid Sets!

That's a whole lotta man.

If (muscle) size matters to you, then you should consider taking advantage of pyramid sets.

The idea behind pyramid sets is pretty simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. The first set of an exercise is performed at a low weight for a large number of repetitions (12 – 15 reps in total).
  2. The resistance (or weight) in each subsequent set is increased, until a final set of heavy weight and very few reps is achieved.

For people just starting to exercise, they might try 3 sets of increasingly heavy weights and decreasing repetitions. For more experienced exercisers, five sets of 12, 10, 8, 6 and then 4 repetitions are suggested.

When I use pyramid sets for dumbbell bicep curls, for example, it looks like this: 12 reps of 35 lbs; 10 reps of 40lbs; 8 reps of 45 lbs; 6 reps of 50lbs; 4 reps of 55lbs. As you can see, I increase the amount of resistance and decrease the number of reps.

Really enthusiastic exercisers can even do a reverse pyramid, wherein they lower the amount of resistance once they’ve reached their maximum – and eventually return back to their starting weight.

Pyramid sets are great for building mass – and so I’d really only advise incorporating pyramid sets for those muscle groups that you’d like to increase in size. And no, your penis isn’t a muscle group.

Note: Maintaining proper form is critical when performing pyramid sets. Do not compromise your form when performing some of the heavy/low-rep sets.