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Study: Don’t Take a Winter Break from Exercise.

Winter isn't a time for fitness hibernation.

It’s winter. The days are shorter, darker and colder. When it comes to exercising and working out, hibernation may seem like a tempting alternative.

But not so fast: Research shows that adults who work out consistently have significantly lower levels of depression. Moreover, pounds gained from gym hiatuses are very difficult to shed – even after you start exercising again.

When it comes to exercise, consistency is extremely important to achieve your fitness goals. It’s not about exercising for two months and then taking one month off; exercise is a lifetime commitment. But regular and consistent exercise is also important to experience the many other benefits of exercise – like improved sleep, increased energy, weight control and better moods.

To determine the impact of exercise regularity on depression, a 2010 study followed nearly 200 individuals for 2 years. Participants were put into two distinct groups of regular and irregular exercisers. Based on the findings, researchers found a significantly lower level of depression in regular exercisers – and thus concluded that consistent exercise is fundamental for improving mental health.

In another study, researchers studied weight gained during breaks from regular exercise. It’s no surprise that reducing physical activity can result in weight gain – but can that weight be lost by resuming exercise? According to the study, not easily. Weight gained because of reductions in weekly exercise in men and women “may not be reversed by resuming prior activity.” In other words, the weight gained during exercise breaks tends to be stubborn – and it isn’t lost by resuming your same workout a few months later.

The days are short and cold, and our schedules are busier than ever – but, to truly enjoy the many benefits of exercise, consistency is key. Keep honoring your body with the movement it craves. A day isn’t a day unless you’ve broken a sweat.