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One Pound of Fat: Visualized.

Some say that a pound of fat represents 3,500 calories—but I’d suggest that a picture of a pound of fat is worth a million words.

Behold, one pound of fat.

What’s the big deal? Why am I sharing this picture with you?

It’s because I’m sick and tired of people complaining that, even after eating smarter and exercising, they’ve only lost a pound or two. As you can see from the above picture, every pound of fat lost is a pound worth celebrating. There’s nothing “only” about it.

And those single pounds lost have a way of adding up. Though everyone wants a quick fix, losing a pound or two per week is actually a safe and healthy goal. Besides, you can’t lose weight with the same mind that gained it – and it takes time to shift your beliefs and perspectives in such a way that they can support the new you.

I also like to remind folks to not give the almighty scale more credit than it deserves. Since scales don’t differentiate between pounds of fat and pounds of muscle, it’s important to use other measures of success – like inches lost or gained, changes in the way your clothes fit or how you feel after walking up a few flights of stairs. Think beyond the scale.

But after viewing today’s picture, I have to ask: Do you still think losing a pound of fat is no big deal?