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Improve Your Sex Life with Exercise!

We know that exercise is good for your body, but have you ever considered that it’s good for your sex life, too? Not surprisingly, it is.

Here’s why:

  1. Endurance. If you’re not a minute man, making it last requires stamina. As it turns out, doing cardiovascular exercises like swimming, jogging, running, biking and sprinting can improve your performance. Having sex is hard work – but having a strong cardio program should help you rise (pun intended) to the occasion.
  2. Flexibility. So long as you’re stretching after exercise, you should be able to make improvements to your flexibility. Yoga, if it’s part of your fitness program, is also helpful – the deep stretches will open a whole new world of positions for you and your lover.
  3. Strength. Let’s face it: Some positions require quite a bit of strength – and holding those positions for any amount of time can be difficult. Strength training – be it with machines or free weights – will improve your overall strength and make holding positions a little more effortless.
  4. Sexual function. Researchers have found that exercise lowers the risk of impotence and erectile dysfunction. Vigorous exercising, like running or sprinting, was proven most effective in the study. A separate study found that men who exercise regularly experience more frequent orgasms and greater sexual satisfaction.
  5. Testosterone. Though it’s still something of a debate, exercise increases testosterone levels – which may increase sexual appetite immediately following a workout. Intense exercise for long periods of time, however, may actually decrease testosterone.
  6. Self-esteem. Exercise helps people feel better about themselves and their body. This confidence can certainly translate to the bedroom; less time feeling self-conscious means more time enjoying the moment.
  7. Stress. Time and time again, research has demonstrated that exercise helps reduce stress. It means fewer distractions when you’re in the bedroom, and less time worrying about work and the myriad of other things going on in your life.
  8. Energy. A lot of fitness enthusiasts report dramatic increases in energy levels when participating in an exercise program. Energy that might might make instances of “not today, I’m too tired” farther and fewer between.

Bottom line: Exercise can translate to a better, more enjoyable and satisfying sex life. The results, obviously, will vary for each individual – but we probably all stand to gain from a comprehensive fitness program.

As if you really needed yet another reason to exercise?