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Is Sprouted Bread Healthier?

Until living in San Diego, I had never heard of sprouted bread. More than a few people recommended that I try sprouted bread as an alternative to typical wheat bread. So, I did.

Sprouted bread is actually an ancient, biblical recipe that involves placing grains in water and allowing them to germinate. Once sprouted, the grains are combined with other ingredients to make the bread.

It tastes pretty good. Though the flavor of sprouted bread isn’t all that different, it does offer some unique nutritional benefits:

  • Sprouted grains are easier to digest as the germination breaks down starches.
  • Sprouted grains contain more vitamins than their non-sprouted counterparts. There’s an increase in iron, potassium, calcium and vitamins A, B and C.
  • Sprouted breads are often low-gluten or gluten-free. The enzymes in the sprouts break down the gluten – which can be a huge benefit for gluten-sensitive individuals.
  • Sprouted grains have higher levels of fiber and protein than typical wheat bread.
  • Sprouted breads have a lower glycemic index. If your diet is based on low glycemic index foods – or if you are diabetic – sprouted grain breads are a great alternative since they don’t cause post-meal blood sugar levels to spike.

There’s not a HUGE difference between sprouted bread and typical wheat bread – but, when planning a proper and balanced diet – every little bit can help. And clearly, sprouted bread does offer some key advantages for health-conscious consumers. It’s certainly worth giving sprouted bread a try.

Sprouted grain products are available in natural or health food stores and some national chains like Whole Foods Market and Ralphs Grocery.