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Why You’ll Love TextFit!

What are some of the issues that hold you back from achieving your fitness goals? According to most of the people with whom I’ve talked, it’s a lack of motivation. They need that extra kick-in-the-butt to get ’em on track.

Well, I’d love to be your extra kick-in-the-butt. And to that end, I’ve released a brand new motivational tool called TextFit by Davey Wavey Fitness. It’s simple to use, affordable and effective.

Maybe Alex Pettyfer is checking his latest TextFit message... Or not.

Sign up for TextFit and you’ll receive two text messages each day on your mobile phone – sent from yours truly. The text messages are jam-packed with gut-busting nutrition tips, muscle-building exercise advice, inspiration, motivation and everything else you need to make your goals a reality.

TextFit is just $2.95 per month (that’s less than 10 cents per day!) and you cancel at any time. It’s no strings attached – just the way you like it. ๐Ÿ˜›

Best of all, it works. According to one study, individuals that received diet plans via text messaging lost 5x the amount of weight compared to individuals who didn’t. Regardless of your fitness goals, TextFit will work for you.

As an extra bonus, if you sign up – I’ll send you a free copy of my 30-Minute Ab Workout. It’s a $33 value – and you can keep it, even if you ever cancel.

Without further ado, sign up now and start getting your messages today!

Davey Wavey

P.S. Right now TextFit only works with mobile phones in the United States and Canada – but I hope to expand Internationally down the road!