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How to Lose Fat From Thighs.

Hey Davey,

I have a question and would like your advice: I’m a slim guy with a fast metabolism but I have gained a lot of fat on my thighs. Now my jeans are getting tight and I don’t like it. What’s the best way for getting rid of extra weight on your thighs?



Thick is in.

Hey Eddie,

I have good news and bad news.

First, the bad news.

The desire to spot-reduce weight is something that I get asked about often. Unfortunately, that’s not how weight loss works; it’s not possible to reduce fat in just one particular area of your body.

When you lose fat through proper diet and exercise, that excess weight comes off the entire body and according to its own agenda. You may lose fat in some areas quicker than others. There’s no guarantee.

Having said that, excess fat is lost through a combination of diet and exercise. By moving more and eating smarter, you create the calorie deficit that is required for weight loss. You’ll take in fewer calories than you burn (a safe calorie deficit is a few hundred calories per day) and the excess weight will come off slowly but surely. And by combining diet with exercise, you’ll ensure that the lost weight is primarily fat and not muscle mass.

Now, the good news.

Some people have naturally thicker thighs, and that’s perfectly okay. Part of what makes this world so interesting is that we all come in different shapes and different sizes. Moreover, thick thighs can be sexy, strong and beautiful.

If you exercise and eat smart… and still have thick thighs, then learn to love and embrace them!