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What Are Supersets Good For?

77290978_XSIf you’ve done any exercise-related research, you’ve probably come across the term superset. A superset is when you perform two exercises back-to-back without stopping.

In doing supersets, you have two options. You can either superset the same muscle group or you can superset different muscle groups. For example, you could superset pull-ups with barbell biceps curls to really hit your biceps. Or you could superset an exercise like the bench press (that works your chest) with dumbbell rows (that train your back).

If you use supersets to target the same muscle group, you may discover that it’s a really effective way to break through a stubborn plateau. Because supersets performed on the same muscle group will mean hitting that muscle deeper and harder, you’ll probably make some impressive strength gains for subsequent workouts.

Using supersets to train different muscle groups is extremely popular. The advantage here is simple. If you’re planning to do a chest and back workout, using supersets allows you to do more in less time by cutting out extra rest periods. Instead of sitting around for 60 seconds during a rest period, you’re able to go on to another exercise for a different muscle group. You’ll still get the recovery you need, but you’ll be working another muscle group in the meantime.

Regardless of how you use supersets, they will certainly make your heart pump harder. In fact, you’ll probably break a sweat; supersets can be something of a cardio workout and you may test your endurance – but you’ll quickly adjust in a few weeks.

To get the most out of your workout in the least amount of time, give supersets a try! And take a look at drop sets and negatives for additional training techniques.