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Is Love the Secret to Being Healthy?

Is "love" the secret ingredient to a healthy lifestyle?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and so love is definitely in the air. When we think about love, it’s usually in the context of our boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives. But what does love have to do with a healthy lifestyle? In my opinion, a lot.

If you add the secret ingredient of love into your relationship with your body, it changes everything. If you love your body, you’re much less likely to make decisions that are destructive. Loving your body means making decisions that honor it. Suddenly, McDonald’s seems like a less tempting choice. Healthier foods are more appealing. And as our bodies also crave movement, going to the gym can be an expression of love.

Most of us have a hard time loving our bodies. We don’t always like what we see when we look in the mirror. But I think it’s okay to start small:

  1. Start by loving your body for the functions it performs. Loving your body for how it looks may be a big leap, so start by loving your body for what it does. It’s the vessel through which you’re able to experience this world, and it tirelessly breathes, moves and functions so that you can experience it all. Surely, you can love your body for that. Express gratitude for all that your body does.
  2. Use kind, uplifting and loving words to describe your body. Catch yourself when you say,”Oh, that’s a terrible picture of me.” Or, “I feel so fat and ugly today.” These words are powerful, and they are charged with a great deal of energy.
  3. Dedicate time or gifts to your body. In Diane Petrella’s spiritually-rich The Inspiration Diet (which I strongly recommend), the author speaks to the importance of making gifts to your body. These gifts need not be grand or expensive, and instead can be quite simple and small. Like sipping on a cold glass of ice water, and dedicating the experience your body. Or taking a walk. Or my favorite, a candle-lit bath.

You can approach a healthy lifestyle one of two ways. You can make changes in your life from a place of discontent and frustration (which is what most people do). This approach comes from a place of weakness. Or, you can make changes in your life that are driven from love. This approach comes from a place of power.

It’s up to you. But it seems to me, a little love can go a long way.

Happy Valentine’s Day.