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Do People Who Exercise Make More Money?

When it comes to exercise, I’ve heard all the excuses. And a lot of them have to do with money.

Here’s a common one:

Joining a gym, hiring a trainer or buying a workout program are expensive. I don’t have that kind of money.


If I spend time at the gym, it will take time away from my job. I need to put in all the time I can to get ahead.

But a new study is calling these excuses into question. Published in the Journal of Labor Research, the study found that regular exercisers make more money than their non-exercising counterparts. And the difference isn’t small.

According to researchers, the wage increase for regular exercisers averages 6% – 10% – with frequent exercisers making even more. That translates to several hundred thousand dollars over the course of a lifetime. The study even concluded that non-exercisers often receive a pay boost when they begin exercising.

Clearly, a number of factors can be at play here. In-shape people are considered more attractive by society – and there is a well-documented link between attractiveness and increased wages. One study found that attractive people make, on average, make 3% – 4% more than less attractive people. But beyond attractiveness, exercise has a number of deeper benefits than can impact a person’s job performance. Exercise results in increased energy, focus and decreased stress. These benefits can translate to huge advantages in the workplace.

The researchers recognize that more research is needed on the subject. But what do you think? Why do exercisers make more money? And are these findings motivation enough to get you off the couch and moving?

5 Ways to Exercise at Work – And Get More Done!

Suit, tie and muscle: Working out at work can make you more productive!

When I took my first post-university job in Washington, DC, I was delighted to participate in my office’s daily post-lunch yoga classes. For 5 to 15 minutes, I’d join my coworkers for some stretching and sun salutations in our office’s common room. After each session, I’d often feel rejuvenated and refreshed – and, according to a recent study, likely an increase in productivity.

A study by researchers at Stockholm University and Karolinska sought to investigate how workplace health and fitness programs affects productivity. Employees in one group had 2.5 hours of their work supplemented with mandatory physical exercise in two, 75-minute sessions each week. Not only did productivity increase for this group, but the quality of their work improved, they called out sick less frequently and experienced a greater work capacity.

To apply the findings from this study, here are a few ways to incorporate more exercise into your workplace:

  1. Replace your desk chair with an inflated fitness ball. Even while sitting, you’ll improve your balance and engage your core.
  2. Dedicate a portion of your lunch break to exercise. Take a few minutes out of your break and exercise! If you don’t have time to go to a gym, try working out in your office. Keep a yoga mat handy and do push-ups, crunches and other equipment-free exercises.
  3. Stand more. Standing requires more calories than sitting – so look for opportunities to be upright, like when you’re on the phone.
  4. Take mini breaks. Take just 60-seconds to do short bursts of physical exercise. Jog in place or do jumping jacks. It will get your heart pumping and your blood flowing.
  5. Climb the stairs. Duck out for a few minutes and climb the stairs in your office. For an extra butt-building working, take two at a time.

If you have a more progressive-minded office, float the idea of introducing exercise during office hours. With the possibility of increased productivity, your boss just might bite. And maybe lunchtime yoga is closer than you think. ๐Ÿ™‚