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Exercise Prevents Wrinkles.

Things-You-Must-Know-BeforeThere are a lot of reasons to exercise. Improved health. Increased brain function. Even better sex.

Now, there’s a new reason to add to the list. According to a study from Ontario’s McMaster University, exercise also reverses the skin’s aging process.

Initially, researchers divided mice into two groups. In the first group, the mice had access to exercise wheels. In the second group, the mice lived a sedentary lifestyle. As expected, the mice in the first group enjoyed healthier hearts, brains, muscles and reproductive organs. But researchers also noticed that, unlike the sedentary mice, the exercising mice kept their fur longer and didn’t even go grey.

Researchers wondered if this might hold true for humans, and thus embarked on a small study of 29 participants, ages 20 – 84. Participants fell into two group. The first group was individuals who completed at least 3 hours of moderate or vigorous activity per week. The second group was composed of mostly sedentary individuals.

To obtain accurate skin samples that weren’t exposed to sunlight, researchers examined the participants’ butts. Sure enough, the active individuals had visibly younger skin. This even held true for participants over age 65; their skin looked like that of an individual in their 20s or 30s.

As part of the study, researchers also had sedentary participants over the age of 65 exercise for three months. At the beginning and end of the three month period, skin samples were taken from the buttocks and examined microscopically. According to the researchers, the skin looked remarkably younger by the end of the three months.

Obviously, the study was very small and more research is needed. And, of course, the real benefits of exercise aren’t just skin deep. But in an image-focused world, this new study is bound to get people paying attention – and possibly even to the gym. And that’s a good thing.