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Get Stronger Forearms with a Homemade Wrist Roller!

If stronger forearms are on your New Year’s resolution list, then you are going to love the wrist roller. Truth be told, I find forearms to be one of the most difficult muscles to exercise. But the wrist roller is one of the simplest and most effective things you can do.

What is it? A wrist roller is basically a piece of wood or pipe with rope hanging from it. The rope is attached to a weight. Simple enough.

How do you use it? Stand erect (yes, erect) with your arms extended straight out in front of you. Hold the wrist roller with an overhand grip. Slowly rotate one wrist a time to spin the role up the rope and lift the weight. Once the weight reaches the roller, reverse the motion until the weight reaches the floor.

It’s easy, but super effective. You can purchase a wrist roller online for $16 – $40, or you can make one at home practically for free. If you have a gym membership and your facility doesn’t have a wrist roller, but in a request for one.

Click below to learn how to make a wrist roller: