3 Health Benefits of Having a Dog.

Woof, woof.

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. But research has given us a whole slew of new reasons to show our dogs some love. As it turns out, dog ownership is linked to:

  1. Lower body weight. Numerous studies demonstrate that having a dog can be good for your waistline. Perhaps dog owners are more active in general – or perhaps having a dog inspires owners to take walks and enjoy the sunshine.
  2. Lower blood pressure. Did you know that petting a dog reduces blood pressure? And recent studies have shown that the benefits continue throughout the day – even when owners are away from their dogs.
  3. Longevity. It’s true – dog owners live longer and happier lives than non-owners. According to one piece of research: “Pets provide companionship, healthy relationships and become topics of conversation which aid in social interactions with others. Dogs also increase self esteem and cause humans to feel more compassion for others. All of these factors combined have a dramatically positive effect on the day to day happiness of dog owners.”

Sharing your life with a dog is a joy – but, as it turns out, it’s healthy, too.

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  1. intersting bit of fact davey
    xx peace out

  2. Cats too. In fact I remember reading a study some time ago about how the frequency of the cats purr promotes healing.

  3. Yep on the “cats” from above. It’s been clinically proven that a cats purr can actually decrease a persons level of pain… Those that have cats/have a cat purring actually inhibits or lessens a persons perception of pain.

    I’m sure the same is true about having a dog, however cats were sole subjects of this study.

  4. i love dogs and agree whole heartedly 😀 The Bloodhound is the only animal whose evidence is admissible in an American court.

    just a random dog fact 🙂 …

  5. CHRISTIAN says:

    PRECISELY DAVEY! You got it all right! I strongly believe in this one since I also have a dog in the house and her name is “PARIS”, Well she makes me feel comfortable and calm whenever am angry or having some worries in general. lol!

  6. I sometimes think about getting a pet, but on 4 days a week I´m not at home for about 11 hours, and I could not take it with me.
    And I think that would not be fair to a pet, especially an active one like a dog.

    • Cat is a decent option if you are gone from the house often. Actually I would recommend getting 2 cats. They can keep each other company, and cats are pretty much self sufficient. Give them food, water, and a clean liter box and they’re good for several days even.

      • Thanks for the Tip, but I can´t get cats because my flat mate is allergic.

        But things moved at my work and I try to convince my new boss of allowing me to take the dog with me to the office.

  7. I’m extra blessed with two beautiful dogs and two great cats.


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