4 Steps to Eliminate Exercise Excuses!

Red, white and do me.

Today is the fourth of July, and so perhaps there is no better time to “declare your independence” from… excuses.

As a personal trainer, I’ve worked with a number of clients. And each of them has brought any number of excuses to the table. Some believe they are too old to exercise. Or too out of shape. That getting fit will be too hard. Or require too much time. Or that they are too injured. While all of these so-called excuses might represent some real challenges, it’s clear that – in actuality – the biggest obstacle is the client themselves.

It’s not your excuses that are holding you back, it’s you. Once you realize this, you can begin to turn things around.

Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote a book on excuses appropriately titled Excuses Begone. The process developed by Dr. Dyer is pretty straightforward, but also very helpful in overcoming excuses – which are really no more than imagined obstacles that prevent us from creating the reality we desire.

  1. Ask yourself, is my excuse 100% true? Can I be absolutely certain that it is true? If you really ask that question, then the answer is inevitably that you cannot be 100% certain that your excuse is true.
  2. Reverse the excuse. What is the opposite of your excuse? If, for example, your excuse is that getting into shape will be too difficult, then the reverse is that getting into shape will be easy. Identify the reverse for your excuse, whatever it may be. And then…
  3. Ask yourself, is the reverse of my excuse 100% true? In the same way that your original excuse cannot be confirmed with 100% certainty, neither can the reverse. Both your original excuse and the reverse of your excuse may or may not be true.
  4. Believe that which creates the reality you desire. If neither the excuse nor the reverse are necessarily true nor false, you might as well believe that which will help create the life you desire. Make the decision to believe the reverse of your excuse.

If you believe, for example, that you are too injured to exercise – then one thing is certain: Whether or not this excuse is true, believing in this excuse will definitely prevent you from getting into shape. You’ve essentially sabotaged your success before even starting.

So, on this symbolic fourth of July holiday, I invite you to declare your independence from the excuses in your life. Follow Dr. Dyer’s 4-step process and create the reality that you desire. And stop holding yourself back.

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  1. this is possibly the most useful thing i’ve ever heard you say. i’ve been reading your blogs for a long time, have enjoyed them thoroughly, and have learned a lot. but when i read this it was like a lightning bolt. so very helpful in many different parts of life. thank you.