5 Tips to Get Fit in 2012!

It’s almost time to welcome in 2012 – and I think it’s important to ring in the new year on the healthiest foot possible.

So, I put together a short video with five simple and easy tips for you to make 2012 the healthiest year ever! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. christopher says:

    gr8 suggestions-one mentioned especially hit home with me.i eat at least two apples per day.and if watching tv-slice up those apples-easy to munch on something like this-then grabbing potato chips.and another idea-a few handfuls of dry-roasted no-salt peanuts-high in energy.these other suggestions i take note of.being in the middle of this holiday week-between Christmas and New Years-this is especially working to my advantage.DW-thanks for these tips-and a reminder-to me-and others.

    • Jacob Flippin says:

      Hello I just want to say that I am thoroughly amazed and amused by your website. I started going to the gym last year after my mother passed away and my subsequential coming out and by december I had lost 60 lbs and 5 inches off my waist. However, the holiday melancholy got the better of me and I got out of the habit of working out and gained 5 lbs back. Watching your videos and reading your information and tips have reinvigorated my drive to reach my personal weightloss goals. Thank you so much and God bless. Jacob, Holloman AFB, New Mexico