6 Tips: Spice Up Your Workout for Better Results!

Are you in a workout rut? Need some ass-kicking? I recorded this video with six tips for spicing things up:

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  1. haha you caught yourself saying blue balls, HAHA

  2. Good tips Davey!

    How often would you suggest switching exercise methods?


  3. OVERLOAD & ADAPTATION. The two most important words in working out, come to mind watching your video. Overloading, by using more weight, a new machine, a super-slow set (probably only want to use 60% of your normal weight for that), etc. etc. as you suggest. Leads to adaptation, i.e. your body adjusts and gets stronger in response to the new demand. Then, time to overload again.

    When to change? When the old workout gets “easy.”

    One thing I disagree with- watching what other people do in the gym. I watch them all the time and about 90% of them don’t know what they are doing or are doing it badly. This is not only ineffective but dangerous in terms of injury. So hire a trainer if you need to.

  4. Hey Davey, I’ve been watching your videos since I started working out in the gym. I got one question, I’m using a girdle while doing abs exercises. I’m focusing on training my abs, cause I got a big belly. Will the girdle help make my stomach much leaner???

    Thanks… keep up the good work!


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