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7 Ways To Make Time For Exercise! | Davey Wavey Fitness

7 Ways To Make Time For Exercise!

musclegroupsThere are only a few days left in the calendar year, and I know that many people are making resolutions to exercise more. And in making those exercise resolutions, I know that many of you are wondering: Where will I find the time to workout?!

The truth is, most of us will never find time to workout. When was the last time you found time to do anything? Instead, we make time for our priorities. It’s no different with exercise.

Having said that, there are plenty of ways to make time for exercise in your already busy schedule. Here are a few ways to do it:

  1. Have an active commute. Instead of driving or taking the bus to work, perhaps you can opt for a more active commute. Many cities have dedicated bike lanes – or you may even be able to walk, jog or run (if your office has a shower). Turning your commute into a workout catches two birds with one net.
  2. Exercise during commercial breaks. Whether you watch network TV or Hulu, most shows still have commercial breaks. So instead of having to pick between your favorite programs and working out, do both!  During commercial breaks, try cycling between these exercises: 10 crunches, 10 air squats, 10 burpees. Keep repeating until the commercial break ends.
  3. Exercise during lunch. If you get a lunch break, turn it into a workout. Check to see if there are any fitness classes in your area – or sneak out to a nearby gym. Run up and down the office stairwell. You can even go for a walk. As an added benefit, you’ll have more energy for the rest of your workday.
  4. Have a 15-minute workout. Workouts don’t need to be endless and long to be effective. By using high intensity interval training (which cycles between periods of low and high intensity), you can get an extremely effective workout in a short amount of time. For high intensity interval training workouts that you can do at home, download Davey Wavey’s Bootcamp Workout. Use discount code “youtube” to save 25% during checkout.
  5. Have active dates. Instead of meeting your friends or a significant other for dinner and a movie, do something that gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Take a class. Go rock climbing at a gym. Play soccer or football in the park. Bonus: It’s also way more fun.
  6. Get up earlier. If your day is already feeling full, sometimes the best thing to do is simply set an alarm. Wake up a little earlier and get your workout in. As difficult as it is to wake up early, I promise that you won’t regret your workout when it’s done! A morning workout is also more energizing than a cup of coffee!
  7. Put workouts into your calendar. If you’re a busy person, plan exercise time in advance by scheduling workout appointments. Do this a month or two in advance so that you can build your schedule around these commitments.

How do you balance a busy schedule and exercise? Let us know in the comments below!


About Davey Wavey

Davey Wavey is a certified personal trainer and YouTube sensation with more than 250 million video views. For Davey's fitness tips and secrets, sign up for his free monthly newsletter - or download any of his affordable and effective workout programs.


  1. This is really a great post, Every ages people needs physical exercise.So this tips needs all over the people. thanks.

  2. hi there Davey!

    Just wanted your input on something. Im starting a program called Body Beast. It’s designed to build muscle and shred fat. I want to do this program and go to the gym. Is that a smart decision. The program is laid out like chest and tris back and bis and so on. Is it smart to do that program and then workout the same muscle groups I did on the program the same day at the gym?

  3. Looks like you put and end to peoples excuse for not having time to workout. Great ideas for getting fit no matter how busy you are.

  4. Great share,thank you 🙂

  5. Every man need exercise. This post will be the time to know how to exercise to be able to exercise.

  6. Sounds so easy, what about a full-time student who works three jobs? I’ve actually asked a trainer at the gym how to squeeze in time for working out in my schedule and he told me I was already going on too little sleep…working out seemed out of the question, but I still won’t give up.

  7. Great tips. This is very helpful information on making time for exercise.