9 Tips: Plan for Your New Year’s Resolution TODAY!

With Dec. 31 just around the corner, it’s certainly not too early to start thinking about your New Year’s resolution. In fact, planning ahead is one of the best ways to ensure that you keep your resolution.

Here are a few tips for doing just that:

  1. Decide on your resolution. There are probably a number of things that you’d like to change in the New Year. Maybe you’d like to lose some weight, build muscle mass or run a marathon. Start by writing out or thinking up a list of resolution contenders – and then narrow things down to just one resolution; don’t overload yourself – achieving just one resolution is challenging enough!
  2. Ensure that your resolution is SMART. Smart stands for specific, measurable, attainable (but not too attainable!), relevant and timely. Instead of saying that you’d like to lose weight, a SMART resolution is that you want to lose 15 lbs by April 1.
  3. Write your resolution down. Put it to paper. Write it in the comments to this post. Jot it on a post-it note. Writing your resolution makes it real.
  4. Visualize yourself achieving your resolution. Close your eyes and see yourself accomplishing your resolution. Feel it with every cell of your body.
  5. Articulate why your resolution is so important. Why do you want this? How will it change or improve the quality of your life? All of these things can fuel your motivation.
  6. Take the first steps TODAY. January 1 is right around the corner – what steps can you take today to pave the road for the new year? If your goal requires joining a gym, then get the membership today. If you want to lose weight, educate yourself about the best ways and healthiest ways to do that. Set yourself up for success by doing the groundwork now.
  7. Focus on the change. a New Year’s resolution is about the result – but it makes a lot more sense to focus on the change. The result may be losing 15 lbs by April 1, but the change that is required is paramount. Know and anticipate which changes you’ll need to make (and how you’ll introduce them) to get the results you want.
  8. Build a network of support. You can do it alone – or you can lean on a network of support. Enlist the help of friends, support groups or virtual communities.
  9. Plan for the hiccups. If your New Year’s resolution necessitates you exercising regularly, anticipate your backup plan for if and when you fall off the horse. Maybe you catch the flu and miss a week of exercise, or go off on a long business trip. These obstacles can be resolution killers – so plan for them. Know that getting back on track is always an option.

By planning ahead today, you can position yourself well for January 1. And by positioning yourself well for January 1, you’re more likely to achieve your resolution.

Start today by writing your SMART resolution in the comments below.

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  1. Rusty Redfield says:

    Hey Davey: This is great stuff. My experience in doing goal-setting with people tells me there are two further points to consider: (1) building a timeline with milestones and (2) building in celebrations of your achievement. For instance, if you want to lose 20 pounds by April 1st, your milestone is possibly to have lost 10 pounds by February 15th. If you don’t hit your milestone, you may not be on track to achieve your goal and you know it’s time to work harder. And if you DO hit your milestone on February 15th, celebrate by, say, buying yourself a shirt that shows off your slimmer body. Give yourself a treat that you can plan in advance, and visualize, and look forward to — something that you wouldn’t have given yourself otherwise. And when you find you have lost 20 pounds on April 1st, be sure to celebrate your achievement and tell your friends to congratulate you!

  2. Years ago, I made a resolution to never again make New Years resolutions. I’ve stuck with it.

  3. well davey now that im working and my work involves alot of carrying and walking i actually lost 4lbs in a week.

    but to keep it up i would probably have to go jogging/running 2/3 times a day in the morning is probably best.

    i reckon i could stand to lose a few morre lbs after new years then i can get a girl/boy and cuddle up with every night.

    peace out

  4. I resolve not to make resolutions. I prefer to make life changes not a new year pact. If its worth doing its worth doing on a permanent basis.

  5. I think that my SMART resolution would be to meet 25 new people by march first and place 25 new smiles on my face each time I see them!

    I know I sound silly, but I find it much more enjoyable to meet new people, and make new friends. It allows me to remain active, which helps me loose the weight I want to loose, and it overall makes me much happier in life.

    After-all ones life is full of much happier situations when you have joy and peace in your life.

    Most importantly my BIGGEST SMART resolution is to honor myself and make a goal eat healthy all year long, and follow the Davey Wavey Fitness guide and nutrition plan!

  6. Cdnarmydoc77 says:

    My New Years resolutions:
    1. Continue to get in MY best shape: deadline- may 1st
    2. Pay off credit card by decreasing impulse spending and redirect that money to MasterCard
    3. Stay smoke free!!!
    4. Be less judgmental of myself and those around me.
    5. Enjoy what I HAVE and not what I think I want

    5. Be more patient with others

  7. love this. I write everything down. Words are so powerful when written down on paper. Obsessed with goal-setting. I worked for lululemon for over a year and they got me hooked.

  8. Marcos Alexandre says:

    Davey, my resolution is to have a body like yours by Christmas day, 2011.

  9. Great article. I’m writing something similar for a friend of mine. I love the visualization reminder in particular. I used to think it was a bit hokey, but it really works!


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