Ankle Weights Review

Is it wrong to be best friends with a piece of fitness equipment? If that’s the case, I don’t want to be right. I love my ankle weights.

Ankle weights are just exactly what they sound like: weights that are strapped around your ankles. They generally are variable – you can take out packets of sand (in increments of 2lbs) to make the weights lighter. I ordered a set of 20 lbs ankle weights, which works out to 10 lbs for each ankle.

Ankle weights were developed for cardiovascular exercise – to help walkers and runners build up endurance. If you attach a set of weights to your legs, you’ll discover that you need to work harder to complete the same motion. It’s quite the workout, though it’s not advised for people with knee or joint issues since it adds extra pressure.

As a side note, you can also slap them on while cleaning house or doing errands – they can make a mini workout feel like a mega workout.

At any rate, I have little interest in using ankle weights for my cardio. I do, however, have great interest in incorporate ankle weights into my ab workout. And today, I did just that.

Ankle weights don’t make a difference in every ab exercise, but if you use them while doing leg lifts, reverse crunches, scissor kicks, double crunches and just about anything else that involves lifting or moving your feet, you’ll notice a huge difference. Hard exercises become nearly impossible (depending on the weight that you use) – which is super important when it comes to progression. People have a tendency not to train their abs progressively, and ankle weights help thwart that.

So, if you have any interest in upping the ante of your ab workout, get creative and introduce some ankle weights. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. cool. im gonna have to try this, thanks for the update

  2. I used to use them for around the house our at my twelve hour job which was already nothing but heavy lifting. After three days, the bones in one foot and that same ankle felt like they’d been injured.
    Was I just using them wrong? Or is it because of the consecutive time they were being used?

  3. I have loose knee ligaments and have had difficulty finding an easy exercise to strengthen my hamstrings enough to run any length without prohibitive pain. It was so bad I hadn’t been able to run more than a block in over 3 years.

    A few months back I gave ankle weights a try. Within weeks I had run almost 2 miles without pain. They are the miracle exercise I’ve been waiting for for years, and all I have to do is wear them durring my usual morning “getting ready for class” routine.

    I’m not suggesting that ankle weights will solve every knee problem, but the can certainly solve some.

  4. I also have loose ligaments, in quite a few spots in my body.

    While looking for some sort of non-surgical fix to this, I went to physical therapy for about half a year. They quite happily introduced me to ankle weights.

    Unfortunately, physical therapy didn’t help. But I did get great tone in my leg muscles, and ever since then, I’ve been using ankle weights in my pilates and other workouts. I’m with you, Davey, they really are great. <3