Buns of Steel: Which Cardio Machine is Best for Your Butt?

Buns of steel could be only a jog away, according to a recent study.

As a gay man, I spend a lot of time thinking about butts. So I was especially excited to get my paws on a new study about glutes (a.k.a. ass muscles) and cardio machines. So which cardio machine is best for your backside? Is it the treadmill, the recumbent bike, the stair master, or the elliptical? You may be surprised by the answer.

Here’s what the study found:

  1. Treadmill (jogging): 48.9% of glutes activated.
  2. Elliptical: 32.6% of glutes activated.
  3. Treadmill (walking): 24.3% of glutes activated.
  4. StairMaster: 24.0% of glutes activated.
  5. Recumbent Bike: 6.0%of glutes activated.

Jogging on the treadmill is the clear winner (running or sprinting, though not included in the study, is presumably even better). Jogging speeds, by the way, are different for different people – it’s based on perceived effort – though most jogging speeds are less than 6 mph.

Here are a few tips to dig even deeper when doing cardio:

  • When walking, jogging, running or sprinting on a treadmill, add an incline to activate a greater percentage of your glutes.
  • When cycling, use the upright bike instead of the recumbent bike.
  • When stair climbing, take bigger steps.

Bottom line: If a stronger ass is in alignment with your fitness goals, picking up the pace on a treadmill takes the cake.

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  1. I have been that into jogging or running at any time in my life. For whatever reason, I just haven’t felt any thrill from punishing myself in that way, but maybe I’m missing something.

    For now, I have to settle for the 2nd place cardio machine (the elliptical) because that is what I work out on WHEN I work out. At one point, I could do 45 minutes of varying elevations and levels of resistance, but too much time away means rebuilding that endurance literally from scratch.

    So in two weeks, I’ll hopefully reengage my fitness agenda and start improving my health. I’ve struggled for years to make my own body get and stay fit and now in my mid-40s, it feels like I’m starting to lose the will to try. I hope I’m wrong.

    Other activities such as cycling/spinning classes and yoga have also seemed to help in various ways whenever I have participated in them. I’m looking forward to doing more of that very very soon.

    XOXO Veritable Virgo

  2. OOPS! That first line was supposed to read… “I have NOT been..” No way to edit posts! Womp Womp.

  3. Jemaal Aleczander says:

    I’ve always had a huge Butt… Mostly cause of gymnastics and dance… The Treadmill has always been my go to machine and just plain old running outside as well. Strong lean buns of steal are a must in the world of the gays… Lmao but no seriously a strong ass means a strong core. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thanks for answering a question I have been wondering about Davey. Peace and love. Pete ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I wish that I can live in peace and harmony with my inner me, and that I can share it with others

  6. I’m quite surprised by the study, but I guess after thinking about it, it really does make sense! Thanks for sharing.

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    While it is certainly preferable to have a fit, healthy body, it is equally as important to have a fit healthy attitude about life and that includes a great deal of joy in each moment of life. Whatever you are doing, add some joy, stir gently and serve ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Thanks again for this new Info.Please keep it coming. Peace and love Glenn

  9. I love you and all that you represent to people.

    Keep up the great work Davey ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. iconoclast says:

    My lower body and knees just don’t do well jogging or on a treadmill. I benefit from the low impact of the elliptical machine. Works for me. I’ll suffer the lower productivity. Thanx, Davey, for the info.

  11. Your posts are so helpful and informative. They are always about things I want to know about. Unfortunately, I dislike the treadmill. I guess I will have to suck it up and jog if I want those buns of steel!

  12. ahhh! this is amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ really helpful <33

  13. the elliptical is my favorite, and the butt machine in the weight area too.

  14. im a runner and i love running outside… i run about 32 miles each week…but last year i suffered a really bad quad tear on my left leg forced me to put a hold on my running habits which totally sucked..i got better after a month but last week i pulled it again…i turned to using the recumbant bike as thats the only cardio machine i own…but its definitly not the same….i was wondering if i have any other options


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