Calculate Your Life Expectancy.

While much of the Valentine’s Day hooplah is about giving gifts to others, I have a gift suggestion for your body: Use the lifespan calculator to test your life expectancy. And then, do something about it.

Based on a number of variables, this quick test will put together an estimated expiration for your life. Using equations, data and research, the approximation is obviously just an educated guess. You could, for example, get hit by a car crossing the street later this afternoon.

The real value in the lifespan calculator is noticing how your answers change your estimated age of death. Some of the variables – like family history – are unchangeable. But many of the answers, like those related to exercise and nutrition, are within your control. To these answers, I’d encourage you to pay special attention.

For example, to talk about alcohol abuse is one thing. But to see how many years it shaves of your life can be a real wake up call. And it can be a real motivator to make the changes – or get the help – that is required.

As Valentine’s Day is about love, there’s no better way to show your body some love than by making decisions – and changes in your lifestyle – that honor it. Get started today by calculating your estimated lifespan.

P.S. In the comments below, share your estimated lifespan – and a change or two that you can make to extend it. Mine was 92.

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  1. Andre Myers says:

    Mine is 83. I just started using your workout program and made the choice to eat healthier! So hopefully it will raise ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yay! I’m going to live to be at least 90, I’m sure I can bump that number up by eating more fruits and vegetables ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That’s a rather odd calculator. My answers were mostly either the average or good versions (only the ‘family member with cardiovascular condition before 55’ was the ‘not good’ option among the ones I chose), and yet it calculated that I’ll live until 32. I went back, changed the cardiovascular disease question to the ‘no history of disease’ option, and it said that I’d live until 9.

    Apparently, I’m haunting you. How good are you at doing a Haley Joel Osmond impression, Davey?

  4. 87. I plan on continuing to lose weight, so it may rise.

  5. Got to 99! Probably because I started at 69 and hit the gym every day for an hour.

  6. 93.

    YAY All I need to do is keep my Bmi in it’s happy place and keep doing what I’m doing it seems.

    And get better at handling stress.

    • Ok I’ll just rephrase, what I’m doing now is fine.

      I could just use some improvement, and improving fitness is never a bad thing.

  7. i got 22…. that means i only have 3 years left to live….

  8. I got 86. When I upped my intake of fruits and vegetables as well as working out more I got 92. That’s a sizable difference and makes leaving for the gym right now easier to make myself do.

  9. Well, I just turned 49 years, and according to this survey I should live to 95. So I’m already past the halfway point, what a drag.

  10. OMG!!! I got 150…