Davey Wavey’s Ultimate Guide to Working Out!

For the last month, I’ve been hinting at something new and super exciting. Because you’re a loyal blog buddy, you’re among the first to know about it! I’m tickled pink to unveil: Davey Wavey’s Ultimate Guide to Working Out.

Best of all, it’s just in time for your New Year’s resolutions!

Davey Wavey’s Ultimate Guide to Working Out hires me as YOUR personal trainer. Through the ebook, videos and bonuses, I hold your hand – and together we create a customized workout routine that gets you the results you’ve always wanted!

My Ultimate Guide to Working Out is:

  1. Created to achieve your specific goals – whatever they are!
  2. Customized to the equipment available to you (whether you exercise at home or in a gym)
  3. Great for beginners, experts and everyone in between!
  4. Built around your schedule – we’ll map out the frequency and duration of your exercise routine
  5. The perfect solution if you feel like your routine isn’t getting you real results

Whether you want to drop some weight, tone or build muscle, I’ve packed everything you need into this program.

Since I know you’ll love it, and because you’re such a loyal blog buddy, I have a special discount for you:

  1. Get 25% off Davey Wavey’s Ultimate Guide to Working Out. Use discount code “buddy” during checkout. This coupon expires January 5th at midnight, so be sure to snag your copy before then. AND, if you order before January 5th at midnight, you’ll also receive my Underwear Yoga program (a $47 value) for free!

(Already have Underwear Yoga and don’t need another copy? Contact me and I’ll give you a code for a 50% discount on my Ultimate Guide to Working Out.)

I’ve received a ton of great feedback from the testers that have used my Ultimate Guide to Working Out. It is changing their lives – and together, I know we can change yours, too!

Here’s to creating a healthier, stronger you in 2011. Start today by downloading Davey Wavey’s Ultimate Guide to Working Out. And remember to use discount code “buddy” during checkout to save an extra 33%!

About Davey Wavey

Davey Wavey is a certified personal trainer and YouTube sensation with more than 250 million video views. For Davey's fitness tips and secrets, sign up for his free monthly newsletter - or download any of his affordable and effective workout programs.


  1. Hi!! I’m from mexico and I am an admirer of yours I love your videos and blog, I read almost every day. Congratulations on doing what you do

  2. Hi, can you give me the promo for 50% off. Already have yoga. Thanks!

  3. Wait does the code buddy get you 25% off like it says in the beginning or 33% off like it says at the end?