Fitness Secrets: How to Get Good Protein Cheap!

I wonder if he has any protein I can have. ๐Ÿ˜›

Today, I drove over to my local nutrition store to pick up some powdered protein. I’m a big fan of whey protein as it has the highest Biological Value (learn more about protein quality), but it doesn’t come cheap. A 2-lb container lasts about a month and costs $30 – $40 in the United States. When I was in Australia, I paid a shocking $55 for a similar product. Canadian protein is also more expensive than in the states.

But regardless of where you live, there’s a secret you can use to get the same product much cheaper.

I asked the store clerk if they had any protein that was expiring soon. Sure enough, they had a 2-lb container of powdered whey protein set to expire in December. Instead of costing $36, the product was discounted to $12. Of course, you can’t get picky with the flavors – there usually isn’t too much from which to pick.

If there are a few shops in your area, I’d recommend calling around every week until you find some protein. By the way, you the same trick works for protein bars – most nutrition shops will have a basket of entirely edible (but soon to expire and deeply discounted) protein bars.

This simple tip makes fueling your muscles a whole lot cheaper!

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  1. If you buy in Bulk at Vitamin Shoppe, then you can get a 10 lb. bag of Gold Standard Whey for about 85 dollars, online with shipping is about the same price.

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  5. I think that unless you are a vegetarian you get plenty of protein from a normal balanced diet. Excess protein simply becomes fat.

  6. Milk and eggs are really the best value in protein. Don’t overlook them. Also they are very high quality protein. An egg contains EVERYTHING needed to form a perfect little animal. Milk contains EVERYTHING needed to nourish a perfect little animal for several months.

  7. What do you think of Avocados? They are high in protein, fiber and “good” fat…but are they too high in calories?

  8. I am not sure if Costco’s are located all over the country but they have the best deal on Whey Protein. I purchased a 6 pound bag for $30. The brand is a respected brand of Muscle Milk.

  9. jonathan says:

    costco! it is now 36 for a 6lb bag of muscle milk. best deal around compared to

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