Fitness Tip: Redefine Possible.

A limit is only a limit if we believe in it.

Late last night, I returned from my 5-day trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Vegas is truly a city of excess – and that holds true not just for the nightlife and shows, but also for the cuisine. Buffets and unhealthy options abound. In fact, I recently did a post featuring Heart Attack Grill and their quadruple bypass burger and french fries cooked in lard. You can even wash it down with a butter milkshake. No joke.

The highly unhealthy Vegas cuisine stands in stark contrast to one of the city’s most popular attractions: The shows put on by Cirque du Soleil. I attended two of their performances and was astounded by the artistry – and, in particular, the amazing bodies of the performers.

If you’ve never been to a Cirque show, check out this preview. The acrobatics literally seem to defy gravity; I was wide-eyed and astounded for the full 90 minutes.

Personally, I found Cirque to be deeply inspiring. Seeing the impossible made possible, I am inspired to push through my own challenges and roadblocks – and to rethink my own perceived limits. There’s a great saying that a limit is only real if you believe in it.

Whether it’s a 9-minute mile, 150 pounds on the bench press or a new yoga pose, we can overcome the challenges we face. And rather than make excuses like we’re too old, too fat or too anything else, let’s instead re-think what’s possible.

The human body is an incredible vehicle. It’s time we start using it to its potential.

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  1. We’re attending a Cirque show next week. I love the way they move. So inspiring. Even in the non-physical realm, it pushes you to think beyond your assumed possibilities to achieve more. Never give up, always push forward, the rewards are amazing.

  2. Emanuel Laurino says:

    Hey Davey which cirque shows you went to see??? Just wondering because my sister is in one of the cirque shows… And I agree with you cirque performers for me have the best bodies…

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