Friday Pep Talk: Prove Yourself Right.

Time for a little pep talk.

You have a goal. You might want to lose weight. Or build muscle. Or just be healthier and more active. You probably also have a lot of support – and maybe a few critics. Funny how loud those critics can sometimes be.

Critics can take surprising forms. Parents, friends, coworkers and relatives – these people may be vocally opposed to you reaching your goals. But at the end of the day, that’s their baggage. It’s not yours. Their inability to support you and whatever changes you’re looking to create says a lot about them and nothing about you.

You don’t have time for that. And you certainly don’t have time to prove them wrong.

Come from a place of power. Rather than being motivated to prove them wrong, be motivated to prove yourself right. YOU know you can do it. You have the strength, the ability and the persistence. Prove yourself right by sticking to it. This is about you.

Go team, go!

About Davey Wavey

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  1. I’ve never thought of it that way. I certainly have negative comments but it’s for me. Ever get those people who make you explain things and still find fault?

    Your right Davey. I’ll prove me right and not worry about them. I already know they can be draining. Thanks!

  2. without fail, you’ve told me EXACTLY what i needed to hear. GOOOOOO TEAM!

  3. I am a confirmed Gym Bunny – My “Cow-orkers” make fun of this but I look at them eating crap all day and sitting on their arses and then thay say – “Gosh – I must start exercising to get in shape for summer”

    I had a goal a few years ago – to loose at least 10Kg – I lost 15Kg and I have never looked back.
    I am 50 but feel 20 and look 40

  4. Matthew P says:

    My favorite part of this pep talk is “Come from a place of power.” I have been reading AND studying a book that is similar in it’s title.

  5. For those of us that need that light “push”, this is always a welcome nudge in the right direction. That’s for your support Davey! I sure helps to keep on your goals and positive support is always welcome, especially when one is struggling to reach that goal!!

  6. Listen to the positive supporters and ignore the naysayers. Good advice for life, not just exercise.