FTD: Jersey Shore IS Actually Killing You.

On Jersey Shore, they like to say “FTD”, an abbreviation for “fresh to death”. Translated from Jersinglish, it means that you always have the latest gear, newest shoes and hottest clothes – and that you will until you die. But as it turns out, your impending death may be sooner than you think thanks to the likes of your favorite television shows.

A 2010 research study conclusively linked TV watching to increased mortality rates. How bad is it?

People who watched four hours of TV a day were 80% more likely to die of heart disease than people who watch 2 hours or less. But it doesn’t end there – those people who watched four hours a day of TV were also 46% more likely to die from any cause over the lesser watching counterparts.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why. People who watch excessive television are more likely to live inactive, sedentary lifestyles. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

If you feel like sitting back on the couch, get up and move instead. Or – if you want to kill two birds with one stone, watch TV while exercising. Even if you can’t get out of your house to the gym, jump rope during commercial breaks or do some jumping jacks. Get your heart pumping and the blood flowing.

Now we know what we all suspected – that Jersey Shore is, in fact, deadly. Looks like we’ve got ourselves “a situation”.

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  1. A situation- that’s a good one

  2. Very true Davey. Being limited to what exercises I can do, due to physical limitation, I also like to work my arms while watching. I use whatever is available canned goods, weights, a couple of bricks. For my legs I try to place a weight upon them and do simple lifting and stretching movements. Not the same as a full workout but even low intensity can be good.


  3. Dying ain’t so bad. We all do it. What sucks is the part about not living. Watch your shows but don’t skip out on the rest of life by using TV as an excuse.

  4. michael S. says:

    I never used to watch tv until i had my wisdom teeth taken out so tv was the only thing I had and right after that, i broke my leg in three places in a car wreck so there i was again in bed more of the time watching tv. now i find myself watching more and excercising less. i need to find a way to get back into the groove ASAP.

  5. This makes me feel well about my decision to stop watching TV with the exception of Glee and Desperate Housewives!
    Now to just get off of my butt when I’m studying for 12 hours each day…

  6. Not to mention that watching Jersey Shore/licious is the fastest way to kill millions of braincells, leaving you even more inactive and sedentary… Just sayin…

  7. Jim DeBlasio says:

    Diet and excersise are fine, but I’m a vegan who hasn’t eaten meat for over 30 years and I don’t have cable or even a TV set, but I weigh twice as much as I did at age sixteen and I am now about the same height. You don’t have as much control over these things as we like to pretend, a good looking body is 99% youth and dumb luck most of the time.

    • I disagree. Genetics is a piece of the puzzle, sure. But so is metabolism. Substitute the TV with anything else sedentary… like browsing the web, reading a book, etc. We have to do active things – interval training in particular is a great booster – to get our metabolism fired up. As we age, it slows down. As we do less physical activity, it slows even more. Moving is a big piece of it. Saying it’s genetics or dumb luck is a cop-out; some of it is beyond your control, but much of it is entirely within your control. You have to take responsibility for it and you ever hope to change it.

  8. I don’t watch Jersey Shore. But, I do watch Dancing with the “Stars” and often times it makes me want to get up and dance so it toootally doesn’t count. Right? :-/

  9. Lmao , well I guess I’m good I bearily watch tv , but I listen to my iPod alot so I too have a -situation :))

  10. Jasper Cool says:

    This is a bad time to mention that TV can kill you, so do I blame Hawai 5 O, Bonanza, the Adams Family, or best of the lot ‘The Three Stooges’ or The Munsters, or what about the Bowery Boys. I’d like you to rule these out as the cause of death if you will and join me in blaming that horrible, screechy singer in the Sound of Music called Julie Andrews, take it from me she’s killed millions and someone ought to take her upriver to the Big House called Sing-Sing [how apt] and strap her into old sparky and shuht her up good.