How a Sheet of Paper Can Change Your Workout.

As a personal trainer, I know a few tricks of the trade. One of the most powerful is a sheet of paper. It can help you get better results, faster. How?

It’s not magic.

When you go to the gym, you do any number of different exercises for any number of different repetitions for any number of different sets at any number of different weights. That’s a lot of numbers; I have a hard enough time remembering my social security number. Does your mind has room for all of that information? Not to mention, as your workout progresses, those numbers change.

It’s too much for your brain. But not too much for a workout journal.

It need not be fancy. Just pick up a cheap notepad and pencil from your local CVS, Rite Aid or Shoppers. Write down each exercise for each different day (i.e., leg day, back day, etc.). And then each time you perform that given exercise, quickly jot down the necessary information.

There are even fitness journals available for your smartphone.

If you’re looking to build muscle, you know that the weight you lift needs to increase over time. Keeping a journal enables you to track it. It helps you avoid plateaus or even peddling backwards.

It’s something that I advise to all my clients, and I think it could do wonders to change your workout and results, too.

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  1. Billy Bordure says:

    Hey Davey,
    I don’t have any CVS, Rite Aid or Shoppers near me, because I live in Germany and we don’t have these shops.

    You think I can keep a journal either way?

    Hope you can help me!

    Kisses, Billy

  2. Michael L says:

    How often do you suggest I “up the ante”? I’m 21 (fast metabolism) and when in the police academy 2 years back, they had us progress by two reps each week for each exercise (natural workout only). Do you suggest this or playing by feel (hehe) when it comes to reps? (Yes, it’s legal to be a cop at 19 where I’m from)

    • I’d recommend moving up once you’ve done a weight at 8 – 10 reps for 3 – 6 of those days. I.e., if you curl a heavy weight for 9 reps at a new weight, do that same weight for 3 – 6 arm workout days. Then, move up.

  3. Davey,

    I am an Army Medic who has received a lower back injury. I have ruptured two disks in the Lumbar region of my spine and it causes me great amounts of pain when I do natural workouts (push-ups, sit-ups, and the like). Do you have any recommendations for exercises that I can do? I have gained way to much weight due to lack of exercise and it is causing me to be in more pain from the extra weight on my back (I am developing a gut). I have never had a fast metabolism and have always had to work very hard to keep myself in decent condition. I want to shed as much weight as I can to help my condition and yet I seem to be in a catch 22 due to the fact that my doctors do not want me to exercise. Obesity runs rampant in my family and I do not want to fall prey to it again. Please Help!


  4. here an online way for tracking your workout (among many other things you can do with this site)