How to Breathe Correctly. [Video]

It’s no secret that we must breathe to live, but most of us don’t do it properly. When we’re born, we use proper breath – but over time, with stress, tension and fear – we adopt less effective and efficient techniques.

As I’m on a week-long Pilates retreat in Provence, France, I asked my instructor to teach us how to breathe. Check out the video below.

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  1. As an operatic singer, I approve this video. lol. ^_^

  2. Great video! That technique is very similar to the breathing taught in classical voice lessons or acting schools. I like the description of deploying wings, good analogy.

  3. Very similar to what I learned playing trumpet

  4. I learned this in private voice lessons…………

  5. christopher says:

    breathe in-breathe out-dont try this in China.

  6. Noticed the major improvement in your posture and mine after this advice.
    So: Breath from the lower diaphragm and wear angel wings!

  7. a great resource for proper breathing is “the science of breath” by Ramacharaka. it is available for free download through google books.

  8. Thanks for sharing such a good opinion, paragraph is fastidious, thats why i have read it entirely


  1. […] our Pilates retreat, we’ve started with the basic. As a foundation, we learned how to breathe properly. And from there, we learned how to activate the smaller stabilizer muscles in our bodies. […]