How to Even Out Uneven Muscles!

Opt for dumbbells instead of barbells and machines for better body symetry.

I’ve received a whole slew of emails from folks looking to even out uneven muscles. From uneven pecs to uneven biceps, many of us have some degree of asymmetry in our bodies. A little asymmetry is completely normal – but if there are obvious unbalances, it’s easy to take action and correct things.

The solution is simple: Opt for dumbbells. There’s nothing fancy or magic about it. Unlike machines or even barbells, there is no way for your stronger side to compensate for your weaker side. When doing a bench press, for example, it’s possible to compromise form, shift the weight and favor the strong side. With dumbbells, it’s impossible to redistribute the weight.

Moreover, you may want to train the weaker side a bit more than the stronger side – until things even out. After you perform a set, do a few additional reps on the smaller side. This will help your weaker side play catch-up.

Replacing your barbell or machine exercises with dumbbell training is an easy and simple way to gain better body symmetry.

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  1. I had a bicycle accident a few years ago that tore my right triceps tendon from the bone (pause to flinch!). Surgery fixed it up OK, but I have less strength there as a result. Also as a result, my shoulder muscles have taken up the slack during bench presses and shoulder presses and my right side is bigger than the left.
    I’m wondering if additional dumbbell exercises on my right arm would strengthen the triceps, or if I should just concentrate on additional exercises for my left shoulder.

  2. great, this all is gunna help. i have an uneven mucle tone from a shouldr accident and am excited to see how this works. still not so sure if i will be able to fix me abs tho. one side is obviously larger and mor cut, but i will expirement.

  3. am not able to lift as much weights in my left hand as i can with my right hand be it in chest ,back or biceps or any excercise.Because of this my left bicep is smaller.pls advice so tht my left parts strength are as same as my right ones..

    • hi

      this is a simple problem and has a simple solution, i had this problem 4 years ago when i started training, i had a discussion with this personal fitness expert and the solution was to make sure you lift the dumbelsa nd barbells as slowly as you can which wil help you strenghten both sides and to make sure you are 100% concentrating on which muscles your workin, for eg- if your doing bench press for chest tell your mind that i need to achieve it and tell your mind that your going to fix your problem of your eft side being week, its all about mind and muscle connection, i hope theese tips will help you , make sure you be patient and wait a few weeks for results, good luck

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