How to Get Your Ass to the Gym: 10 Tips!

Did someone say ass? It looks like he has no problem getting his to the gym.

Having a gym membership isn’t the same thing as using it. Gym memberships aren’t cheap – but even the desire to get your money’s worth doesn’t work for everyone. Many people struggle with actually getting their ass to the gym.

So here are 10 of my tips:

  1. Evaluate your typical week and identify (or create) time slots wherein you can spend some time at the gym. Ideally, these time slots correspond to when you have the greatest amount of energy.
  2. Schedule it. Take out your calendar or planner or blackberry and actually schedule gym time into it. Treat it like a meeting that you can not miss.
  3. Remind yourself why you are working out. Remind yourself that you deserve a happier, healthier life – and that going to the gym is one step in getting there. You can even make the reminder or affirmation part of your morning phrase.
  4. Pack your bag the night before. If you workout in the morning, pack your bag the night before. Put your sneakers next to the door. Pack your lunch and stick it in the fridge. When you wake up, all you need to do is grab your stuff and go!
  5. View exercise as an investment. You are investing in a healthier future – it is not an expense of time.
  6. Make an appointment to meet a friend at the gym. If you skip, you’re cheating yourself and your friend.
  7. Remind yourself that you don’t have time to not exercise. Skipping the gym could set you up for increased likelihood of debilitating diseases. The opportunity cost of skipping the gym is very high.
  8. Know how good you will feel when your workout is complete. Don’t you love that feeling after you workout? Let that anticipated feeling drive you.
  9. Offer your trip to the gym as a gift for your body. Your body wants to move. Honor your body by getting your ass to the gym.
  10. Routinize it. Make it a habit – part of your routine. I hold exercise and brushing my teeth in the same regard. I don’t think twice about either.

Do you have trouble getting to the gym? Tell me about it in the comments below…

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  1. Number ten is probably the most important to me. I go to the gym on the way home from work. So, it’s home to work in the morning; work to the gym in the afternoon and then home. If I go home first I’m far more likely to not go to the gym. I also allow myself those OCCASIONAL days where I’m not feeling well to take a day off. One day off let’s me recoup and have an even better workout the following days.

  2. Hi Davey,

    This isn’t something that effects me (mostly cuz I actually work for a gym as a fitness instructor) but this is something that would really help my mum who is struggling to find time to get to the gym around massive work commitments. I think this plan will really help her to get to her weight goal.

    Thank you!

    • Yes, and we tend to never “find” time to hit the gym. It’s not like a penny on a sidewalk. We have to make time to work out.

      • Would it help you to remember the kind of energy you had as a kid? Testosterone and human growth hormones are released during exercising and as your body becomes healthier, there’s more energy to find more time to do other things as well.

        I just wanted to comment that once you start being healthy, you find yourself finishing manual labor tasks much more easily, and at times, that means much more quickly, or spending less time recuperating to start the next thing you want to do.


  3. Well Johnny Castle’s ass is great motivation . But seriously great tips especially the one about packing your bag the night before as my motivation to workout is low and as the day goes on gets lower the quicker I get out of the house and head to the gym the better.

  4. for me, all i need is to look in front of the mirror naked and think about who had the misfortune of fucking me.

  5. I only clicked this to see his ass, but then I read the tips! This is great advise!

  6. I have had a gym membership since February of this year, and I have probably gone about 15 times this year (if that). Originally I got it so that my boyfriend and I could work out together with the plan I had picked out. Only, he never wants to exercise, and I hate exercising alone. Most times I just skip on it so I can spend time with him. It’s true I probably do have time to spend at the gym, but I don’t know if it’s so important that I have to cut back on mine and his quality time together to do such. What are your thoughts Davey? I will mention that I did have a work out buddy that I would go with, but we mainly hiked, and most of my other friends that go to the gym work different hours at work than I do, so they can afford to go in the morning, but not me. The same time they are working out at the gym is the time I have to clock in for work.

  7. I was going to the gym regularly (it’s right across the street, I’d dang well better) but when school started up again, I got overwhelmed. It’s not so much the time at the gym that kills the idea, but the time afterwards taking a shower and trying to cool my body back down so I can get to bed. I can only drink so much ice water before i start getting a stomach ache and my teeth start hurting. And if I still have things I had to do (homework, packing lunch, dishes, laundry, etc.) I’m so tired and lethargic, they don’t get done. I guess I’m just not one of those people who feels good after exercising, I just feel tired, and it makes getting up at 5am the next morning that much harder. ๐Ÿ™

    Maybe it’ll get easier once the weather cools down and I figure out how to better manage my homework load. And speaking of weather, 94 degrees in mid-October?! WTFH?!?!

  8. I want to stay motivated and i like to exercise but see so few results that it gets disheartening… i think i’m cursed to stay to thin my whole life ๐Ÿ˜›
    it’s hard to stay positive sometimes.

  9. Hi Davey.I joined the gym 3 weeks ago, I am there 6-7 days a week motivation is seeing the progress in such a short period of time WOW!!! We make time for what is important to us, excuses for the rest Glenn

  10. Kenneth Olsen ( Denmark ) says:

    The best thing is to makethe workout a part of your daily plan. I always put it in my calendar, so when friends are asking me to hang out in the evning, I always check, and my reply is: sure, I am free after 7 pm – after my workout)– planing planing planing.. and stick to it.
    love your page btw Davey!

  11. #11 To look at the eye candy?
    LOL probably not the BEST reason to go to the gym, but if it motivates you to go work out, great.

    Great tips Davey, but I wanted to caution people about one of them working out with a friend is great, but you really need to develop the motivation yourself. If you rely on your friend to work out and your friend doesn’t go for whatever reason, you won’t go. I’m speaking from experience in my early days of working out.

  12. Thanks. Cool advice. Going to try and do the scheduling thing from now on. Wish I had a friend to go with though.

  13. Yes i find it hard to get to the gym or even set myself a proper schedual, i have been going on just random days, i’ve just been plain weak and if i kick my own ass in the gym i won’t go for the next 2 days… i wanna go atleast 4 or 5 days a week, i’m trying so hard but i struggle to even get out my bed lol.


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